Your beauty countdown just got a whole lot more holistic

Wedding season is fast approaching and it’s safe to say planning your big day brings with it new levels of stress – but new levels of happiness, too. From finding the venue to choosing the cake there’s an endless list of to-dos before you make the big ‘I do’. So when it comes to your bridal beauty plan it’s important to make it as enjoyable as possible. From on-the-day tricks, to treatments and a mix of real life, celebrity and expert advice we’re bringing you a bridal beauty breakdown to get you prepped and ready.

Bridal beauty can be a blur of emotions – from stressfully strategising your schedule (and finances) to relaxing blissfully while the pampering is in full swing. But it’s not all facials and hair appointments. The modern day approach to beauty and wellness is more holistic. Balance your body and mind with these alternative tricks and treatments so you glow from the inside-out.

You’ve got 12-6 months to go

Now is the perfect time to introduce bio-hacking techniques and treatments you want to shift into daily or monthly habits. It’s also the ideal time to start promoting calmness and to focus on long-term complexion goals.


When you’re stressed or anxious it can show in your complexion. Inflammation, redness and even breakouts are all common signs of an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, as well as fluctuations with our adrenals which can impact our sleep, oil production, immunity and increases blood vessels causing puffiness and dark circles. Limiting your stress levels should be a high priority for all brides, but with so much going on it can be hard. Don’t underestimate the power of meditation and breathing. Committing to a daily ritual of evening meditation or deep breathing won’t just benefit your brain, but your skin too.

Try: an app like Insight Timer and pair it with breathing exercises like closing each nostril, or counting techniques.

LED light therapy

It may sound too good to be true but laying under a range of red, blue and yellow LED lights can help improve a range of skin dilemmas – from sun damage, acne, rosacea, wrinkles and pigmentation. It works by emitting therapeutic wavelengths of light energy which penetrates your skin at different levels to stimulate collagen production, increase circulation, hydration and healing time and even kill pimple-breeding bacteria. Depending on your skin goals a session is usually under 20 minutes and although results are usually seen the next day it’s an easy one to schedule in as maintenance with results only getting better and better.

Try: LED Light Therapy (from $34.50, at The Laser Lounge)

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You’ve got 3 months to go

This is where you want to prioritise treatments and lifestyle changes that need a little bit of time to get started.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Dubbed the new natural Botox, cosmetic acupuncture works in a trifecta starting by stimulating circulation and blood flow, which leads to a glow-inducing, healthier complexion. Next works deeper into the epidermis creating micro trauma which promotes collagen and elastin production, as well as healing so it’s great for acne and breakouts, too. Then, it targets the muscle layer, where needles can be used to soften, relax and release muscle tension responsible for wrinkles, or tone them for a lifted effect. Unlike regular Botox, acupuncture requires a series of sessions for best results.

Try: The AcuRevive Facial ($200, at Healing with Acupuncture) pairs needles with other techniques such as Gua sha, cupping and light therapy to supercharge the results.

Infrared Saunas

From Gwyneth Paltrow to Miranda Kerr and Jesinta Franklin, almost every beautiful, wellness-centric celebrity has touted the benefits they feel from a good sweat session. More than just a steamy fad, sweat is a major elimination channel for toxins and benefits are said to include everything from torching calories, lowering cortisol levels (goodbye stress), speeding up recovery, increasing bloodflow and boosting skin.

So what makes it different to a regular sauna? The traditional kind use air and steam to heat your body from the outside, infrared saunas use light to gently heat your body from within reaching around 70 degrees, so it’s much more tolerable. There’s also the added benefits of chromotherapy – where inbuilt coloured LED lights aim to beat inflammation, stress, acne and so on.

Try: Infrared Sauna ($40, at Nimbus Co)

You’ve got 1 month to go

By now you should have regular practices and sessions locked in amongst beauty appointments like facials and hair dye jobs. To get you to the finish line taking on these techniques will boost your body and have huge skin benefits, too.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Poor gut health can show up in our skin, energy levels and mood and as the research flooding in around our second-brain becomes more and more insightful it makes sense that a bout of IBS may be more than just eating a bad prawn. It’s all about boosting your gut health, detoxifying the body, improving hormonal balance and even contributes to clearer skin. It works by filtering temperature controlled water into the rectum through to entire colon where it softens faecal matter and built-up gas and toxins. A series of appointments is recommended for best results and is personal to you and your belly.

Try: Colon Hydrotherapy ($135, at To Wonderland)

Lymphatic drainage

Favoured by Victoria Secret models this technique is great for detoxing the body and helps to drain any fluid or water retention you may be holding on to. By activating the lymphatic system the elimination process speeds up meaning less puffiness, congestion and more radiant-looking skin. Introduce dry-body brushing into your routine every day from the time you start planning your wedding – start at your feet and sweep up towards your heart in long, slow strokes and repeat 2-3 times.

For a professional treatment try the the massage technique contours and defines the body by stimulating the lymph nodes to move water and toxins. Long term results keep the lymphatic system active, too. Try to schedule one a month a few months out from your wedding, then one a couple of days before your big day.

Try: High Definition Bodywork ($285, at Venustus)