Why the ‘money piece’ hair trend is the easiest summer update, according to Renya Xydis

Hair colourist Renya Xydis tells us exactly why summer’s biggest hair trend is super simple to emulate. 

2020 has been stressful enough (especially on our hair), luckily this seasons hair colour trend is low-maintenance, low key and super simple to emulate. Plus, it doesn’t cost a bomb (like some other exxy but worth-it hair tricks and treatments). We’re talking about the ‘money piece’.

Loved by celebs all-over (see: Beyonce, Miranda Kerr and Gisele), it’s similar to baby-lights and works to brighten your complexion and your natural hair shade. Keen to give your mane a modern update? We asked colour guru and founder of Valonz, Renya Xydis for the ins and outs of Sumer 2020’s biggest hair trend.

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What to ask your colourist:

“Most colourists will be familiar with the ‘money piece’ colouring technique, but it’s always helpful to bring in photos of your inspiration to show them your vision. Ask for ‘subtle, refined face-framing’ highlights”.

The best thing about this ~look~ is that you can go as subtle or as strong as you like. Miranda Kerr and Kylie Jenner are great examples of how this trend can sit on opposite ends of the spectrum.

What hair types and styles it suits:

“The ‘money piece’ trend was originally started to lighten up darker hair without the commitment of highlights or the more drastic balayage lightening. One of the best parts about this look is that it brings in a lighter look without damaging the hair or requiring too much upkeep. Luckily this look is very forgiving and can suit many different looks, styles and colouring. Many people go for it in an effort to lighten up a darker look, but in a subtle way, bur it’s important to work out the right tone that will work with your current hairstyle for it to blend in nicely.”

What it does to your complexion:

“It’s all about face-framing and lightening, which means it can be very complimentary to all skin tones. This trend can be done with many different colours, shades and tones which can all be adapted to suit all skin tones, to help brighten and lift your complexion.”

How to maintain it:

“It’s ‘low maintenance balayage’ for a reason. With all that hair colouring comes the need for conditioning treatments and caring for your hair, but luckily this trend is subtle so doesn’t do intense damage to the hair. It’s an easy style to grow out, so you do not have to worry about constant upkeep at the salon, either.”

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