Why Rachael Finch stopped cleansing her face

Now that the ravages of winter weather are fading and summer’s heat hasn’t fully kicked in, it’s the perfect time to kick your skin into shape. During Skin Gym Week, we’re sharing the tips and tools improve your skin health- from face-friendly meal plans to the most effective professional treatments, to the best and buzziest products, it’s everything you need to get the best skin of your life – from the inside-out.

Rachael Finch is more than just a model, she’s a doting mum, Myer ambassador and a wellness advocate and most recently she’s added ingestible beauty buff to the mix, launching her own collagen supplement range she’s called Kissed Earth. So better to ask about skincare? Here, she answers six quick questions on how she keeps her skin fit…

Q. The one product that changed my skin:

A: “Without a doubt, it’s collagen. I’ve been using it for about four years now and have noticed a huge difference on the firmness of my skin as well as the strength of my nails and hair. It’s also why I wanted to launch my own brand.” Kissed Earth Brilliance, ($79.95, at Kissed Earth and Myer soon).

Q. A strange thing I do for my skin is:

A: “I don’t cleanse anymore! It’s been something I’ve been trialling for the past couple of months and it’s worked wonders on my skin. Cleansing and exfoliating felt so drying, so I just moisturise morning and night and take my makeup off with micellar water or a warm wash cloth and oil.”

Q. I recently discovered:

A: “I’ve been experimenting lately with masks made from 100% food. Last week I tried one with sweet potato flour and some other goodies. It was weird but so rejuvenating, and I love seeing what great results real food can have topically.” You can also make your own moisturiser.

Q. My Sunday night ritual consists of:

A: “An extra layer of face serum, I love Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar ($38, at Myer) and a good body oil too.”

Q. My skin always needs a boost:

A: “When I fly too much – my skin gets quite dry so I try to combat it inflight by using Ere Perez Moringa All Beauty Crème ($40, at Flora and Fauna) and I wrap a scarf over my nose and face!”

Q. The treatment I always splurge on is:

A: “A Heart Chakra Prescribed Facial, $300, at Jocelyn Petroni, it’s my favourite skin clinic in Sydney. It’s not just about the skin, the team work on nourishing your soul too through massage and their unique technique.”