Why don’t we treat haircare like skincare.

Ask any woman how much they spend on their skincare and they’ll start making a list in their head of all the products they use, and babe, just sit back and watch the dollars add up.

Cleanser, toner, exfoliator, serum/s, sheet masks, clay masks, night cream, day cream, spot cream, eye cream… we’re talking hundreds, right?

But ask most women what they spend on their hair and the answer is often, “whatever shampoo and conditioner was on sale at the supermarket”.

John Pulitano, co-owner and Creative Director of Headcase Hair (Paddington + Potts Point in Sydney) says women can’t justify spending a lot of money on haircare UNTIL they do.

“When they feel the difference and how the hair looks and feels then they understand the importance of using good nutrients not just on your hair but on your scalp as well,” he says.

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Pulitano names Oribe – a brand described as one “you try once, and never stray too far away from thereafter” as an example of “skincare for the hair”.

“The product is made to skin care quality,” he told bodyandsoul.com.au. “Created in a skincare lab to skincare quality, Oribe offers formulations that are much more sophisticated to keep the hair in top condition for longer (thanks to ingredients previously reserved for skincare such as vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid etc…)”

Pulitano says just like women can benefit from regular facials, investing in regular in-salon treatments can yield tangible and dramatic results.

But how often do we need to go?

“For hair that needs extra repairing I would recommend (having a treatment) once a month for a few months and then I would go to once every 6-8 weeks with your regular hair cut or with a blow dry,” he says.

“We often see clients coming in wanting a major colour change but their hair in poor condition. We start by a series of treatments over a few weeks to repair and prep the hair and when back to a good condition then we colour.”

He names the Oribe Renewal Remedies treatment as one that delivers immediate results.

“I love this treatment because your hairdresser can tailor it to your exact hair type… it is much more intense and effective than your at home treatment and lasts up to 6 washes which is excellent! Think about a customisable facial but for your hair!”