When Is Black Friday? Australia’s Best Sales For 2020

If you’re after the best beauty, tech and clothing deals of the year, look no further than Black Friday. We’ve answered all your questions about Australia’s biggest sale of the year.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of retail therapy? There’s nothing like treating yourself to a new pair of leggings to revive your health goals, or a new face oil to give you that extra glow, or even some bougie headphones to provide the heart-pumping soundtrack you need while going for a run.

But retail therapy hits different when it’s timed just right, in line with some top sales – allowing you to get a real bang for your buck. And the best deals of them all just so happen to come along with the Black Friday sales, which in recent years have become the biggest sale event in Australia’s shopping calendar.

With past Black Friday deals offering anywhere between 15 to 72 percent off a wide range of beauty, clothing, electronics and more, this year is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever – and you definitely don’t want to miss out. We’ve got all the info you need to know to tackle the Black Friday 2020 sales like a pro.

When is Black Friday 2020?

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 27, 2020.

As it’s a sale that takes place on the day after Thanksgiving in America, which is traditionally held on the fourth Thursday of November, Black Friday falls on different dates every year. That means it usually occurs between the 23rd and the 29th of the month – whichever comes after the fourth Thursday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a shopping event that sees retailers provide huge discounts on a wide range of goods and services like electronics, clothes, toys, beauty, travel and more.

Basically, it signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season – and if you’re someone who loves a good bargain it’s an important date to make note of, due to the huge discounts that are available for a limited time only. Black Friday sales are frequently used as a way for retailers to sell excess stock, which means that once it’s sold out, the bargain is gone – so you have to get in quick.

The duration of the individual deals on offer vary, with some available for 24 hours or as long as stock lasts, and others available for a few days. Make sure you read the fine print to be sure.

While Black Friday has grown a lot in popularity, not every retailer participates. Those who do may offer deals online, in-store, or at both – but you can usually find this out in advance when they’re advertised so you can plan accordingly.

Does Australia have Black Friday sales?

Yep – while Black Friday may have its origins in the United States, it has indeed made its way to Australian shores. In fact, according to Australia Post, 2019’s Black Friday saw a record-breaking 34.4 percent increase in online sales compared to the previous year, beating Boxing Day and becoming Australia’s biggest sale event of the year.

Plenty of popular retailers now participate each year, with online deals more popular than in-store – because let’s be honest, who really wants to have to line up outside a store and fight through crowds at midnight to try and get the best deal when you could do it all from the comfort of your own home?

Best Black Friday 2020 deals in Australia

Expect a lot of your favourite stores to offer enviable deals this Black Friday – we’ll update you on exactly which ones closer to the date. Based off previous years, you can look forward to huge discounts between 15 to 70 percent off everything from beauty and wellness items to clothing and electronics at stores like these:

Travel deals are also frequently on offer, but this year it’ll surely be more focused on interstate destinations rather than international.

In addition to local retailers and deals, plenty of global e-tailers like eBay and Amazon and websites for American department stores like Macy’s offer shipping to Australia, so you can even get in on some overseas Black Friday offers.

Where does Black Friday come from?

As you can probably guess from when it’s scheduled, Black Friday grew out of the American tradition of Thanksgiving. It all goes back to the custom of Thanksgiving parades, which started in the 1920s and basically turned into a big advertising opportunity for the retailers who got involved. As a result, the day following Thanksgiving became one of the most profitable days of the year, and retailers further capitalised on this trend by offering huge discounts on that day to encourage even more spending.

As the deals got bigger and the sales became more popular, things turned a little sour – fierce competition for the best deals often resulted in violent fights between shoppers, which caused the sale day to earn the name of “Black Friday”. This was in reference to September 24th, 1869, a day when two Wall Street financiers made a risky fiscal move that crashed the US gold market in a single day and left Wall Street barons bankrupt. That tragic day was called “Black Friday”, and years later, the very same name was used by the Philadelphia Police to describe the chaos of a post-Thanksgiving Day sale in the 1950s.

The name caught on, leaving its wild history in the dust. In the United States though, Black Friday is still pretty chaotic, and has caused a staggering 12 deaths and 117 injuries since 2006. Luckily in Australia, we are a little less … passionate, shall we say, about our bargain hunting – so all you need to worry about is snagging the best deal before it expires!

Shopping tips for Black Friday

Come prepared to Black Friday – don’t make the rookie mistake of showing up without knowing where to go for the best deals! We’ll be updating this page with the deals you’ll want to hear about, so stay tuned.

Compare offers on competing sites so you know where the best deal is for what you’re looking for.

Double check when the sale period begins and ends. Some may start as early as 12am, so if you rock up at 9am you might be too late! Prioritise which deals are the most important (like the big-ticket items that are likely to sell out fast), and team up with family members to tackle multiple stores (online or in person) at once.

If you’re shopping online, have your credit card or payment details at the ready for a speedy checkout – there’s nothing worse than a last minute dash to figure out where your purse has ended up while the seconds tick away on your shopping cart!

More great sale opportunities to look out for

Too early or too late for Black Friday 2020? Don’t stress. There are plenty of other great sale events happening throughout the year during which you can snap up a neat deal.

Cyber Monday occurs just three days after Black Friday, on the next Monday. This year it will be on Monday, November 30, 2020. Some Black Friday offers may actually be extended until Cyber Monday, while other stores may offer exclusive Cyber Monday-only deals, so be sure to double check.

Amazon Prime Day is a growing phenomenon in Australia – it’s an “annual deal event exclusively for Prime members, delivering two days of special savings on tons of items”, according to the Amazon website. If you’ve signed up for Prime (there’s a 30-day free trial period, BTW) you’ll be able to shop some amazing bargains on tech, beauty and more. Read up on Prime Day here.

Of course, in Australia, nothing quite rivals the thrill of the Boxing Day sales. They occur the day after Christmas – December 26 every year, which falls on a Saturday this year. There’s usually great clearance prices on holiday items as well as other must-haves like appliances, computers, baby products and more.

Click Frenzy also provides a great bargain hunting opportunity. Generally, it runs two main events each year in May, and again in October or November. This year though, a July sale event was also added, so there’s a likelihood of that continuing next year.

Plus, read up on the violent and bloody history that gave Black Friday its name here.

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