Using baby products could be the answer to saving your sensitive skin

We’ve all heard the saying ‘soft like a baby’s bottom’ and it turns out it’s more than just a saying. 

Long relegated to change tables and hidden deep inside nappy bags, baby products are yet to receive the mainstream credit they deserve for punching above their weight when it comes to helping – and healing – sensitive skin.

With most baby products on the market carefully formulated to be extra gentle and nurturing on delicate skin, it makes sense that they could also have the same effectiveness in reducing irritation on adult skin.

So why haven’t we thought of this before?

To help us navigate the world of baby products for adults, we’ve enlisted the help of Kirsty Gow-Gates, founder and managing director of luxury baby skincare brand Lullaby Skincare.

Here are her tips.

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Can using baby skincare products be the answer to helping those with sensitive skin? Why?

Just like a baby’s delicate skin, adult sensitive skin requires gentle care and will almost always react to products containing toxic ingredients, some essential oils and heavy synthetic fragrances. These ingredients are too harsh for sensitive skin and will cause irritations like eczema, rashes and even some serious respiratory issues.

It is ideal to use the best of what nature has to offer and that which is bio-compatible with both your face and body. Sensitive skin can benefit from using pure and natural baby lotions, baby washes, baby haircare products and sunscreens that are not packed with synthetics as you’ll find with most brands on the market.

What common baby care items can adults also use and for what? Any surprising ones?

Using baby products is more common and less strange than you initially might think – many adults use baby body and hair wash, baby moisturising lotions and sunscreens formulated specifically for baby skin.

Here’s a surprising one – Nappy Cream! The purpose of a nappy cream is to create a barrier between the skin and moisture so as to reduce the risk of irritation and rash. Lullaby Skincare Nappy Cream can be used as a multi-purpose cream for sensitive skin, consisting of beautiful organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera, lanolin, avocado oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E, it calms and protects irritated skin soothes rashes, calms redness, hydrates itchy dry skin and smooths chapped elbows and knees.

What ingredients should people with sensitive skin look for and avoid in products?

High quality natural and organic ingredients are important for sensitive skin. Cold pressed Aloe Vera is a magic ingredient that soothes, heals, moisturises and protects. In addition to Aloe Vera, other nurturing and nourishing ingredients that are ideal for sensitive skin include jojoba oil, avocado oil, chamomile and Vitamin E.

On the other hand, most conventional products on the market will likely also contain mineral oils (petroleum and paraffin), parabens, phthalates, PPG’s, Dye, sulphates, triclosan, Bisphenol (BPA) and Formaldehyde Donars. These can lead to mild allergic reactions such as rashes or skin irritations, or even more significant problems like lesions on the skin.

It is also recommended not to use soap as a body wash for sensitive, delicate or eczema-prone skin. Soap is extremely dehydrating and drying to sensitive skin and many types of soap will change the skin’s natural pH, obliterating healthy bacteria and stripping away vital oils.

What about SPF?

We all know sunscreen is so important to apply every single day, but many conventional sunscreen brands use synthetic fillers and harsh low-quality ingredients (and is why they are often priced cheaper). Even some popular zinc-based sunscreens will contain mild irritants such as Cetearyl Alcohol, Polyhydroxystearic Acid and Sorbitan Stearate, castor oil and other oils, which lead to sensitivity and allergies… certainly not ideal for breakouts either!

Try a broad-spectrum sunscreen with no fillers and see if that makes a difference.

Do adults make up a portion of your customer base?

We commonly find that adults who buy our products for their babies and children will often become loyal customers using our products for themselves, their children and recommending to other families.

Nothing makes me happier than reading various testimonials about how our products have completely transformed someone’s skin.

Kirsty Gow-Gates is the founder and Managing Director of Lullaby Skincare.