The ultimate self-care starter kit

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent us all into self-isolation, so it’s time to rest and digest with these wellbeing rituals.

It’s a weird time right now and the feeling is mutual for most of us.

The coronavirus pandemic has us all feeling some type of way and if it’s showing up as stress or anxiety the thought of social distancing and self-isolation can make the whole situation more overwhelming. Even working from home has never been more bleak.

But it’s not all bad news, in fact it’s good. It’s unusual to get this amount of ‘me time’ – uninterrupted, nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to see. So, we have two words for you: self-care. It’s important to look after your mental wellbeing and your body in times of uneasiness and beauty is the perfect form of escapism. Rest, digest and relax with these mood-balancing rituals that are more than just a face mask.

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The proper attire

First things first, you need a robe. And it might be a new one for that matter, because if you’re going to be living in it (trust us, you’ll want to) then you’ll want one that’s plush, comfortable and cute.

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Lucy Folk Horizon Robe ($325, at Lucy Folk)

The power of scent

Then, it’s time to burn the ‘good candles’. Sure, you’ve been saving them for a special occasion but self-care is special. So burn the good stuff.

If that isn’t a good enough reason though, there’s this: the power of scent. Certain fragrances have been linked to calming anxiety, soothing stress levels and even lulling us off to sleep (shout out to lavender) – aromatherapy does wonders for when you’re feeling both tired and wired.

Scent can also take you back to happy memories, so if you’ve been stuck inside and cabin fever is setting in, go for a soft floral or plant note.

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Diptyque Jasmin Candle ($89, at Mecca)

Start smudging

Almost every inspiring celebrity or wellness junkie we speak to credits burning sage for helping to clear energy. Jodhi Meares’ says she’s a sager from way back and Magdalena Roze likes it for clearing special spaces.

If you’re unsure of how to use sage properly, read our guide. It’s the perfect healing practice for when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or unable to sleep. The ancient remedy works to clear bad vibes, and if you’re held up in your home for a while it’s likely to feel like a negative environment, this can help release the tension.

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Orchard Street Sage Stick ($21, at Orchard Street)

Dry body brush, finally

You know it’s GP and Miranda Kerr approved yet you’ve likely never found the time to actually do it. If your body is feeling heavy and sluggish try body brushing every morning or evening before showering. The technique focuses on re-energising the body by increasing circulation and blood flow through stimulating the lymphatic system.

Use a dry body brush or an exfoliating mitt and start from your feet, then in long, slow strokes work up towards your heart. Amplify the process by adding a few drops of essential oils over the bristles – lavender for PM and citrus for AM will work a treat and develop as you brush.

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Sisal Dry Body Brush ($14.95, at Biome)

Zen-out your playlist

Meditation and mindfulness are big wellness trends for good reason. If you’ve never been able to get into the ‘zone’ now is the perfect time. Aside from apps that talk you through mantras and techniques to trick yourself into calming your mind, there’s also music – and even podcasts, so tap in and tune out.

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Chill AF by Spotify

Practise some self love

So often we only link self-care to beauty rituals – like using a sheet mask and washing our hair. But here’s some news – self-love is included. Masturbating has been linked to decreasing stress levels, can take your mind away from the current climate and is good for your health. Plus, it’s another excuse to stay in bed.

Spice up your life with a sleek and savvy little helper and treat your body and brain to some sweet relief.

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Get some minerals

Magnesium may seem like it’s all the go in wellness circles, but it’s more than just a trend. A gun at boosting recovery – Laura Dundovic swears by it, instead of swallowing a couple of capsules before bed try spritzing some over sore spots or on the soles of your feet to set you into peak relaxation and ease any muscular aches and pains. Ideal for those sitting with a laptop all day.

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The Base Collective Magnesium Spray ($21, at The Base Collective)

Unwind the old-fashioned way

When you’re working from home it’s hard to draw the line between work and life, so take your mind off the job without getting out of your seat and learn about something different: wine.

This wine delivery service takes the stress out of understanding your grigios and your noirs, and instead pairs your palate with personalised recommendations with bottles starting from $15. They’ll deliver them to your door along with tasting notes and recipes for food pairings so your dinner-party for two (or a few) is set.

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Good Pair Days

Oil up

Body oil is the ultimate luxury product regardless of price. It’s slippery and silky and requires a certain application process that immediately coaxes the mind into a calm state. After bathing apply a good dose to your palms and warm between your hands before spreading over feet and legs. Work your way up in slow strokes until you’re covered top-to-toe. Throw some of that luxury up into your hair, too massaging your scalp as you go to release any pressure.

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Salt by Hendrix Bath to Body Oil ($39.95, at Salt by Hendrix)