The ultimate body care routine, from hair removal to exfoliating, to tighten, tone and smooth skin

Your skincare should extend further than your face. Here, we share the best hair removal options, why exfoliating is essential and why your regular body moisturiser probably isn’t cutting it.

They say summer bodies are made in winter, and it goes beyond simply sculpting a set of abs – the saying actually applies to your complexion, too. While you may be tempted to neglect the parts that are hidden beneath layers, you’ll save yourself more work when the warm weather rolls around by keeping your skin in tip-top condition over the months of hibernation.

We’re bringing you ancient techniques, high-tech tools and powerful ingredients to give your limbs and torso the attention they deserve by supercharging your self-care rituals from top to toe. They will help keep skin youthful, radiant and plump when temperature fluctuations, pollution and fake tan are working overtime to suck it of much-needed nutrients and hydration.

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Upgrade your moisturiser

Hydrating your body is one thing, but supercharging your everyday moisturiser is another. Instead of opting for a basic cream that solely focuses on hydration, look to using multitasking youth boosting elixirs that target dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin resurfacing to get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re onboard the clean-beauty bandwagon, or eager to make the switch, body lotion is the best place to start. Our skin is our largest organ, and we apply moisturiser to 90 percent of it, so it makes sense to cut down on unwanted ingredients.


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Exfoliating is essential

A good-for-you-and your-skin habit to get into is dry body brushing. The ancient Ayurvedic technique not only helps shed layers of dead skin, but also boosts circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite and uneven skin tone by smoothing and toning, while detoxifying and eliminating fluid retention.

Take note from Japanese style bathing rituals and exfoliate in the shower before relaxing in the bath totally clean. Choose a formula with skin-boosting ingredients including alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants as these help brighten skin while buffing away dry, patchy areas.


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Try a body treatment

The key to supple, nourished skin is through high-tech tools and potent ingredients.That’s where all-over body masking comes into play. Much like you turn to masks when your face needs a little TLC and only a supercharged cream or clay will suffice, the same goes for your body. Apply your regular facial mask to your body, or look toone made for specific areas such as armpits or the backside.

When it comes to skin laxity and tone, a non-invasive microcurrent device can do the trick. Fusing both massage and tech, it works by emitting low-level microcurrents into the skin to stimulate elastin, collagen and muscle fibres to help lift and tighten skin, while smoothing and contouring areas like the thighs, bum and stomach.


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Let’s talk laser hair removal

If you’re after a more permanent hair-removal solution and are yet to explore laser, now is your chance. Winter is the ideal time to zap away unwanted hair (both at-home and in-clinic) as you need to limit exposure to sunlight for two weeks before and after your appointment – and since you’re donning a tracksuit for the majority of the season anyway, it’s now the perfect opportunity.

You’ll notice a difference in both the rate of hair growth and density after your first session. If you opt for in-salon sessions, a treatment every four to six weeks for about 10 sessions will count as upkeep, whereas at-home devices can be used every fortnight until you’re happy with your results.In the meantime (and the night before your appointment), shaving is the most laser-friendly way to groom between sessions. Keep ingrown hairs at bay with a pre and post shaving oil.


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