The plastic surgery do’s and don’ts, according to Botched star Dr Paul Nassif

Renowned plastic surgeon and star of reality-TV show Botched Dr Paul Nassif on why cosmetic surgery is no longer taboo – and other ways to keep looking young without going under the knife.

How has the public’s attitude towards plastic surgery changed in recent times?

In Los Angeles [where he lives] and probably in your neck of the woods, too, people are more accepting of plastic surgery. It’s spoken about a lot more, people are using more filters on their selfies and celebrities have been doing it, so it’s become more acceptable during the past 10 years.

Have you noticed a turn towards more natural-looking procedures?

Yes. Aside from getting fat injected into their butts, people aren’t usually coming in wanting to look completely different. What they’re doing is filtering themselves, and most are getting Botox or rhinoplasty.

What should people consider before receiving plastic surgery, especially in terms of their physical and mental health?

Because it’s elective surgery, you need to have an exam and blood tests done to make sure you’re in great physical health before undergoing a procedure.

That’s number one. Number two is you need to be doing the surgery for the right reasons. We want to make sure the patient is mentally healthy as well, so you can’t be doing it for anyone else, because of obsessive-compulsive or body-dysmorphic disorders, and you can’t be expecting perfection. Some people may have a bump on their nose and want to get rid of it, they may want to look a little younger for their job or they just want to feel better about themselves, and those are better reasons to have surgery.

You developed your own skincare line to help combat premature ageing. What’s the key to maintaining healthy skin?

Besides drinking a lot of water, wearing sunscreen and not smoking, the main things are exfoliation and hydration.

Removing all of your dead skin cells is important for increasing cell turnover, and you want to keep skin hydrated.

My new product, QuickFix Wrinkle Reducing Serum, gives an immediate, temporary lift to help smooth out wrinkles and reduce under-eye bags, but it’s also hydrating thanks to ingredients like Glycoin and Ectoin.

How important is food and nutrition when it comes to preventing ageing and skin issues?

Nutrition is also very important, and antioxidants are great for your body and your skin. As the old adage says, “you are what you eat”, and if it’s good for your inside, it’s going to be good for your outside.

Your job has such a big focus on physical appearances, but how do you look after your inner health?

I work out six to seven days a week. It releases endorphins and it’s how I relax. I’m sleeping more since this whole coronavirus-stay-at-home thing, and sleeping is an important way to take care of yourself. I try to eat better and spend time with my family, and I also play golf, which helps me relax. I’m 58, so I need to stay healthy, especially to do what I do, which is mentally and physically strenuous. I want to make sure I’m not getting overweight, that my heart and blood pressure is stable and I try not to get nervous or stressed out too much.

How do you keep your energy levels up with such a gruelling schedule?

I’ve been doing it for a number of years so my body and mind are used to the hard, strenuous work, but sleep and exercise are the two main things. If I had to put it in order, I think sleep would be number one. Learning how to sleep is so important, and it takes discipline to work out six or seven days a week.

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