The next generation of perfumes are safe for your skin and the planet, but they smell good, too!

Clean fragrances have come a long way. Here, we share the latest scents ideal for Spring, but doing good for the environment, too.

There’s a steady rise of all-natural, cleaner perfumes that still make a heady splash. Greener, free from alcohol or hand-filled, these perfumes do more than just make you smell good. But before you assume they’re all created with notes of yoga-studios and barnyards, think again. They’re just as luxurious as the traditional perfumes you’re used to and linger long after you apply.

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Sprays safe for your skin

Hermetica Jade888 EDP ($299 (100ml), at Myer)

Up to 50 per cent of Hermetica’s alcohol-free fragrances are created with ingredients from renewable sources and molecules that are better for the environment. Each formulation also contains moisturising properties for added skin benefits, and it’s all housed in a recycled and refillable glass bottle.

Váhy Luna Parfum ($240 (50ml), at Vahy)

This conscious fragrance house follows a no-nasties policy. Blacklisting more than 1400 chemicals and synthetics, the parfum is created using only natural, organic ingredients, with essential oils and concentrates infused in sugarcane. A blend of patchouli, bergamot and frankincense produces a rich, spicy finish.


Recreation Beauty This Love of Mine EDP ($109 (50ml), at Recreation Beauty)

Born in Sydney’s Bondi, Recreation Beauty offers clean, vegan scents with a blend of light florals, botanicals and herbs. This spritz smells like a fistful of gardenia and jasmine, with just a hint of vanilla.

D.S. & Durga Crystal Pistil ($280 (50ml), at Mecca)

Formulated without parabens or sulphates, this vegan blend of orange flower, jasmine water and white musk is created in a small batch and hand-filled, with all packaging and shipping materials being recyclable or biodegradable. Wear it on its own or layer it up with other similar fragrances from the collection.

Vanessa Megan Wild Woud Perfume ($89 (50ml) at Nourished Life)

Not all natural fragrances smell of flowers and yoga studios. This pure scent blends sandalwood, holy basil, cedarwood, cardamom and patchouli oils to create a heady, woody perfume suitable to take you from day to night. Plus, its aromatherapy benefits are said to have aphrodisiac qualities.

All about oils

Heretic Parfum Dirty Fig ($102.95 (15ml), at Clean Beauty Market)

Heretic Parfum takes botanical ingredients and blends them in an organic, non-GMO, sugarcane-alcohol base. It’s an Ayurvedic and aromatherapeutic approach inspired by ancient traditions to bring more than scent.

Orb Oils in Ash ($90 (30ml), at Orb Oils)

This multipurpose fragrance oil can be used both on your skin and in your home, and is ideal for diffusers, dabbing on pulse points or in your nightly bath. The range comes in five individual unisex scents, and is formulated without parabens, silicones, mineral or palm oils.

One Seed Symphony Roll-On Perfume Oil ($33 (8ml, at One Seed)

A highly concentrated blend of jojoba oil, mandarin, cardamom, jasmine and vetiver, these Australian-made rollerballs use botanical ingredients, follow sustainable practices and give back to the community by being socially responsible.