The ‘midday shower’ is the working from home hack you’ve been missing out on

Showers are the new self-care. No longer just for hygienic purposes, a midday wash can do your mental health and wellbeing wonders.

Working from home is harder than we all thought it would be. Trying to find a balance between work and life (especially when your ‘workspace’ is in your bedroom) is proving to be challenging, finding the motivation to get your work done and not be distracted by other jobs (like cleaning said bedroom) is also challenging. At this point, even sitting up straight or having a break from your computer screen is off the cards.

We tried wearing makeup during isolation to see if made us feel better (psychology says it does), putting on adult clothes that aren’t pyjamas to try and boost productivity and even read up on expert guides to not killing your partner, ways to ergonomically set up your desk and no-prep lunch options to help get us through. It seems the lists for ways to deal with WFH are endless.

But maybe, just maybe we’ve found the cure to breaking up your day, moving away from the screen, getting up and out of your chair (or couch) and feeling physically refreshed all at the same time. Introducing the midday shower.

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It is exactly what it sounds like it is

Think of it as a new-found luxury, usually reserved for weekends and holidays, the midday shower is your key to feeling instantly refreshed in no time. In a normal working week (before coronavirus) the majority of us would shower before or after work. Some of us may have split the day up with a quick shower post-workout during our lunch break, but even then it would be less than two minutes.

But now, there’s no rules for when you wash. Well, there are (you have to at some point, especially after working out) but in the privacy of your own home you can use it as a trick to get 10 minutes of peace and quiet, to reset your brain and to get off the phone.

Need more reasons to get wet?

If you’re like me, as soon as you sit down to ‘quickly check your emails’ you don’t get up again. I’d workout, jump online to see what I had on for the morning and before I knew it, it was after noon. Not only did I miss my window to have a morning shower and get prepped for the day, but hours had gone passed and I hadn’t had a moment to myself to think properly.

The midday shower gives you something to look forward to, but also acts as a forced lunch break. 10 to 15 minutes (cheeky, we’re still in a drought) of ‘me time’ where no phones are ringing, the kid’s aren’t hanging off your leg and you’re not hunching over your laptop.

Instead, you can close your eyes, wash your hair and take a moment to meditate. It’s also the energy boost you need to get through the afternoon. Pair the hot water with some body-boosting beauty goodies and you’ve got yourself a full-blown self-care ritual without even having to try.

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