The exfoliating glove that has 40mil views on Tik Tok”

Exfoliating your skin can be a time consuming process. These two Aussie women have set out to change it.

Who would have known that visiting a Hammam in Istanbul, Turkey would be the moment to change two young Aussie women’s lives?

That’s exactly what happened to Melbourne local Catie O’Neill. After travelling across the world and visiting a traditional Hammam, she had her first encounter with the silk exfoliating mitts or ‘kese’ mitts they use in the traditional bath houses to cleanse the body. Seeing the way her dead skin peeled away, she knew it was something special.

O’Neill brought one home for her best friend Olivia Burrows, who was amazed that it could help her keratosis pilaris (small rough patches of acne-like bumps on the skin).

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Falling in love with the product and looking to buy more for friends, the pair realized that it was difficult to get their hands on them in Australia. An idea was born.

A year and a half later, and a lot of hard work – and the company is now booming.

O’Neill and Burrows have been particularly savvy throughout their first year of business, particularly in regards to their use of social media site TikTok, which was starting to pick up in a big way at the time in Australia.

Riding this popularity wave, their My Glow 2 platform has accumulated over 40 million views and nearly 300k followers and led to countless sales referrals.

With COVID-19 lockdowns and a lot more time spent indoors throughout 2020, their self-care product flew off the shelves.

As a brand, the My Glow 2 founders aim to instill the atmosphere O’Neill experienced at the Turkish Hammam throughout their product range.

“I fell in love with the alternative approach to beauty which focused on skincare routines as rituals rather than rushed regimes. This ancient approach, focused on a transformative mind and body experience, isn’t commonly adopted in Australia. We tend to see skincare as a quick routine with no therapeutic purpose” she says.

“My Glow 2 is built on the philosophy that a healthy glow results from nurturing the connection between mind and body. We want to reintroduce the world to products that enhance a natural glow with tools that are rich in history and promote this healthy holistic connection” says co-founder Olivia Burrows.

The ‘My Glow 2’ mitts feature woven silk in the ancient Turkish technique which are highly effective to exfoliate the skin. They feel smooth at first, but once wet the fibres of the silk expand and harden, creating a really effective exfoliator when brushed across the skin.

To encourage positivity, self-love and to reinforce the essential connection between mind and body during cleansing rituals, all My Glow 2 orders come with a healing rose quartz stone.

Benefits of these Turkish mitts include:

  • Evening out skin tone and texture
  • Preventing breakouts and blackheads
  • Removing fake tan
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines
  • Promoting collagen and elastin

Honestly, anything that can get rid of our fake tan like this is going in the shopping cart. Stat.