The Botox brow lift is the next big injectable trend

The latest injectable trend is sure to raise some eyebrows. Kelsey Ferencak quizzes founder of Sydney-based Artiste Plastic Surgery Dr Jack Zoumaras on how it works before taking to the needle herself. 

If you thought the pandemic would have a negative impact on injectables and cosmetic surgery, you’re in for a surprise. In fact, according to Australia’s leading aesthetic physicians, the number of clients booking in appointments once clinics began to reopen has been overwhelming – with anti-wrinkle injections being the most popular.

And it makes sense, considering the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery revealed an annual national spend of more than $350 million on wrinkle-reduction procedures alone. But the next wave of injectables doesn’t just target fine lines.

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Make way for the Botox brow lift

Unlike traditional face and eyebrow lifts that require going under the knife, this relatively new procedure can achieve similar results with just a few strategic jabs of the needle.

It’s becoming an increasingly popular approach, one that works to lift and lengthen the skin above the brow and forehead for a more open and feline-esque eye area and defined brow bone. The difference is subtle but significant – and not as permanent or painful (on both your face and your wallet) as its predecessor.


The feline flick

The founder of Sydney-based Artiste Plastic Surgery, specialist plastic surgeon Dr Jack Zoumaras, tells Body+Soul it comes down to eyebrow trends. “There were tapered arches like Grace Kelly and rounded shapes like Sophia Loren, but the evolution now looks more feline like Bella Hadid. Technically, this shape is easier to do than those of the past, as you’re just lifting the arch of the brow.”

Dr Zoumaras continues: “A Botox brow lift works by changing the tension of the muscle that closes the eye, which allows for a natural lifting effect. When it comes to risks, it’s important to go to a trained injector who understands anatomy to avoid the chance of injecting the wrong muscle, which could cause the eyelid to droop.

Results vary depending on what product is used, but in 10 days you should get maximum effects and it should last up to four months.

What’s it like to try?

Never had an anti-wrinkle injection? Don’t be scared. The needle’s prick feels a lot like the sting of an elastic band flicking your skin and doesn’t linger long. Dr Zoumaras places two injections above both eyebrows and the treatment is over within minutes, with no evidence that needles were used. There’s no downtime, though you will need to avoid exercising for 24 hours.

Results vary from person to person, but after a week, I notice a natural lengthening and lifting of both my brows, and my eyes are wide andI look more awake. A good clinician should allow you to check back in a couple of weeks to ensure you’re happy with the results and your brows are balanced.

Botox Brow Lift ($350-$500, at Artiste Plastic Surgery)