The best TikTok love coaches

While 2020 taught us many things about life, perhaps one of the most surprising (and arguably trivial) was the benefits of social media platform, TikTok.

Not only has it proven itself the go-to for endless hours of entertainment and even encouraging the least likely dancer within us to have a crack, but it has also offered some other surprising positives, such as experts from a range of fields, from medical professionals to lawyers also taking to the platform to offer up free advice.

So, it’s no surprise that the area of dating also has been infiltrated by TikTok with a wide range of relationship experts and dating coaches out there willing and ready to give you dating tips. With a little help from my single gal pal, Alana, we filtered down the cream of the dating crop.

While TikTok may not be the be-all and end-all of relationship advice, these content creators show that it can have its place in modern dating. Here are our top five and what they have to offer.

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1. Alexis Germany teaches us how to perfect our dating profile

Alana describes the process of getting your online dating profile ‘just right’ as an “artform.”

“It’s a delicate balance, you don’t want to be fake but of course you want to put forward a version of yourself without all of cons, they will work this out soon enough anyway,” she says.

TikTok dating star, Alexis Germany is here to help perfect this ‘artform’. Alexis is a dating coach from the US who specialises in helping her clients (and now her over 61.7k followers) by providing advice on perfecting their dating profile.

From what sort of photo to use for your profile and as supplementary images (e.g. leave out the images in the toilet), to what information to include or not include in your bio as well as how to initiate a conversation through the dating app without sounding like a creep.

“I love it because it gives examples of what not to do in your profile, what to stay away from in someone else’s profile and even one-on-one reviewing of dating profiles,” Alana says.

“There’s also lots of great dating advice on thing such as catfishing and discussing politics while on a date. I like that her videos give loads of free advice, are relatable and encouraging of self-love so you can find your emotional match.”

2. Janel Vitale talks about sex in relationships

With over 336.8 k followers, this certified sex and relationship coach is all about sex, desires and exploring these within relationships (or solo) shame free.

With Janel there are no discussions about sex or dating that are off the table making it a really helpful and often informative resource to transform your dating life!

“Janel is how you wish you had sex ed taught to you at school but didn’t,” Alana says.

“She debunks sex myths and unrealistic expectations, open relationships, gives advice on how to give directions in bed and why you should, questions to ask after sex, even sex positive parenting which goes even beyond the realm of dating.”

3. Kaity Rodriguez teaches us about mental health while dating

As a licenced social worker, Kaity Rodriguez focuses on the mental health side of relationships. From depression, through to perfectionism, the TikTok dating coach creates content that promotes healthy dating and also coping with breakups.

“Her TikTok bio sums her up really, ‘laughter, info and inspo for single women.’ She is hilarious and relatable and helps make dating when you’re a single woman feel like a blessing, not a curse,” Alana says.


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4. Shaun Galanos is all about practical things to do when dating

Love coach Shaun Galanos offers very practical, actionable and achievable tips for relationships. It also helps that he’s easy on the eye.

His advice covers the relationship gamut – from what not to text someone you are in a relationship with to how to deal with being ghosted as well as how to ask for space in a relationship. Awkward first date? He’s got you covered with coping mechanisms and even shows you how to decline a second date gracefully.

“Shaun encourages you to put yourself first, to take care of yourself and gives you encouragement to not let people mess you around or take you for granted, he bases his advice on self-worth and I think that is really important,” Alana says.

5. Katie Miles on managing relationship hiccups

Katie Miles is a licenced marriage therapist who uses TikTok to produce research-backed, informed advice on establishing effective communication skills in a relationship and managing conflict if it arises.

With 29.5k followers and over 349.2k likes, Katie’s knowledgeable and relatable clips are a treasure trove of relationship advice that clearly resonates with many.

For Alana, her stand out was the video on expressing your needs.

“As a single woman who had issues doing this in many of my past relationships, I think this is valuable advice to take with me while dating. The videos on differences in communication styles was also really helpful and entertaining,” she says.


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