The best skincare creams and treatments for a toned, smooth bum and legs

Nine booty-approved body care products to help soften and smooth your skin for swimsuit season.

Feeling confident enough to strip down to your swimwear can sometimes require a little more than your average moisturiser. Just like you have a comprehensive skincare routine for your face, there’s a tonne of skin-smoothing products for your body, too.

These oils, lotions and serums work to speed up cell turnover, tighten and tone, nourish dehydration and even target uneven splotchy skin and bumps on your body and your behind.

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The Booty Co Intimate Area Gel, $59, at The Booty Co
Just like the skin on your face, hands and chest, frequent waxing, laser hair removal and sun exposure can cause damage like pigmentation and discolouration – and the bikini line is no exception. Sweep this gel over pigmented spots to even skin tone.

iS CLINICAL Youth Body Serum, $65, at Kaelon Beauty
Smooth and soften skin with this body serum spray. A combination of powerful plant extracts, this cosmeceutical skin-booster is formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, aloe leaf juice, licorice root and watermelon extracts to help hydrate and protect.

Mesoestetic BodyShock Night Reducer ($129 at Advanced Cosmeceuticals)
More than just a body moisturiser, this cream works to help drain excess fluids by activating cell metabolism while you sleep to smooth and tone skin.

Frank Body Booty Drops, $17.95, at Frank Body
Key ingredients in this booty-specific body oil caffeine and guarana help to firm bum and thighs, while carrot root extract, grapeseed and jojoba oils nourish and moisturise skin.

The Jojoba Company Jojoba Glow, $39.95, at The Jojoba Company
Sunkissed skin in a bottle. Mica gives the complexion a luminous glow without the side of sun damage, while jojoba, canola, mandarin peel and jasmine oils provide skin with the vitamins, omegas and fatty acids it needs to stay supple and smooth.

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub, $67, at Mecca
This cult favourite bum beauty line centers around hero ingredient guarana to firm and tighten skin. Other key ingredients include cupuacu seeds and sugar crystals that buff away dead skin, boost circulation and brighten your complexion.

Lajoie Calmme Anti-Chafe & Soothing Cream, $24.95, at Lajoie Skin
Unlike many other anti-chafing creams, this doesn’t work like an antiperspirant (which can cause more friction). Instead, the long-lasting lotion provides slip and glide for between the thighs, or with tight swimwear. Plus, it’s great for sensitive skin.

Mecca Athletica Skin Perfecting Body Wash, $36, at Mecca
Body wash meets chemical exfoliant. Packed with 8% AHA and PHAs this cleanser gently sweeps away dead, dry skin, unclogs pores and works on smoothing bumps and body breakouts from arms, bums and thighs.

Fur Ingrown Eliminator Mitts, $26.74, at Net-A-Porter
These finger mitts are soaked in a serum of willow bark extract, lactic acid, witch hazel and aloe. The combination of AHAs and antimicrobial properties help to prevent irritation and inflammation while smoothing skin and preventing ingrown hairs.

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