The best nail strengtheners and hardeners to save your Shellac-tortured nails

Got nails that won’t stop breaking? From nourishing oils, to supercharged edible beauty products, we’ve rounded up the best products to help strengthen your nails in days. Shop all of them here.

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If you’ve got nails that feel so fragile and brittle that a gush of wind could probably break one off, we feel you. We put our nails through a lot – think endless weeks of Shellac and all that hand sanitising and washing – and yet, we don’t give them the TLC they deserve.

While you could always go visit your nail tech to revive them, there are also DIY treatment options available.

From nourishing oils, to supercharged edible beauty products, here are the best nail strengtheners and growth-boosters on shelves now.

The nail polish remover

A low-tox remover free from acetone, it gently removes polish while caring for delicate nails. Calendula, aloe vera, castor seed oil and vitamin E hydrate, nourish and soothe.

Shop it: Life Basics Nail Polish Remover, $19.95, at Nourished Life

The nourishing nail oil

Harnessing the powers of medicinal plant extract, this fortifying oil helps to repair dry and damaged nails and cuticles.

Shop it: Neem Nail and Cuticle Oil, $40, at Dr Hauschka

The strengthening supplements

A blend of vitamins and minerals including B5, riboflavin, zinc, biotin and calcium to help nourish and fortify weak and slow growing nails.

Shop it: Endota Spa Glow, $55, at Endota Spa

The hair and nails booster

Key ingredients to healthy hair and nail growth silica, vitamin C and biotin help to support and strengthen brittle nails, preventing breakage and splitting.

Shop it: Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails+, $26.95, at Swisse

The liquid growth booster

This potent berry flavoured vegan liquid blends organic silica, black rice extract, cactus flower, zinc, potassium and vitamin C and helps with improving hair growth patterns and nail health.

Shop it: Edible Beauty Beauty Dew, $39, at Adore Beauty

The cult status supplement

Biotin promotes cell growth and helps to metabolise the protein-building amino acids responsible for healthy nails. It’s long been linked to strengthening and lengthening weak, dry and brittle nails prone to breakage.

Shop it: Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength, $15.24, at iHerb

The nail hardener

Working to improving the cohesion of keratin fibres, this formaldehyde-free formula hardens the nail to avoid flaking, splitting and breaking.

Shop it: Mavala Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener, $30.95, at Mavala

The vegan-friendly nail supplement

This plant protein powder takes the potent powers of cold pressed Australian hemp seeds rich in omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and 20 essential amino acids, antioxidants, zinc, calcium and vitamins E, C and A.

Shop it: Bear Repair Essential Daily Superpowder, $60, at Sephora

The collagen powder

Not only does this hydrolysed collagen powder help to support healthy skin and gut functions, it also aims to support nail growth and repair through zinc, protein and peptides.

Shop it: Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty, $29.95, at Natra Organics

The hair, skin AND nails supplement

This pharmacy staple has a three pronged approach. Add it to your daily supplement arsenal to help support nail growth, skin health and healthy hair.

Shop it: Blackmores Nails, Hair and Skin, $16.99, at Priceline

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