The Aussie blokes behind Bondi Skin Co are making skincare easy for men

Understanding the ins and outs of men’s skincare can be tricky, but newly launched Bondi Skin Co have cracked the code. The founders behind the brand tell us why. 

Navigating the shelves for skincare is hard enough, but particularly for blokes. It seems you’re either all in (with a routine even these experts would be jealous of) or you’re out (no, bar soap does not make for an adequate facial cleanser). But what if you’re in-between – or better yet, you’re after a product line up that’s simple to shop for, easy to use and does more than just cleanse and moisturise?

Sure, you can continue to rely on your partner to buy you whatever it is you think you need, or even raid your S/O’s bathroom cabinet in order to douse yourself in youth-boosting elixirs, but the bottom line is: male and female skin are different. Besides all the facial hair, male skin is generally around 25 per cent thicker than female skin, and is therefore tougher and oiler. But there’s also hormonal changes that come in to play, along with lifestyle factors, so it’s worth utilising a few products targeted at male complexions.

But how does one perfect the ideal skincare routine without going crazy in the supermarket aisle or endlessly scrolling the net until finally submitting to a full basket of unknown bottles and jars?

A simple skincare system you can get behind

Meet Bondi Skin Co. Having just launched last week, the Aussie skincare brand is the brainchild of three high school mates from Sydney who, after putting more effort into their skincare routines as they got older, also noticed the market was overwhelming and confusing, so decided to simplify the whole experience by creating their own line.

“We wanted to make it super easy for men to get into skincare, but we also wanted to use high-quality Australian ingredients and follow ethical practices while we were at it,” says co-founder Dougie Joseph. “We focus on the entirety of the anti-ageing process, all in one simple kit.”

How does it work?

The three-step system is made up of three individual ingredient-focused serums formulated from organic and natural plant extracts (including natives like Kakadu Plum), that each focus on different parts of the ageing process, while protecting skin from future damage.

First up it’s vitamin C, a super potent antioxidant and a gun at brightening, when it comes to vitamins it’s one of the most beneficial to apply topically. Then, there’s hyaluronic acid a hero at hydration and lastly, vitamin A. Otherwise known as retinol or retinoids, vitamin A is the Holy Grail of skincare, working to cure skin conditions from acne to ageing.

The kit even comes with handy instructions and each serum is labelled from one to three in order of application, with notes on AM and PM routines – so you don’t have to even pretend to know what you’re doing.

Mens Essential Anti-Aging Serum Kit ($119.95, at Bondi Skin Co).

The skinny on serums

If you’re unsure about serums, let me explain. Think of serums as supercharged skincare they usually come in small tincture glasses in the form of liquid. Made from high quality and powerful ingredients, they’re the products that do the ‘work’. Applied before your moisturiser, a serum is the step you’ll look to to target specific skin conditions – from pigmentation, fine lines and even rosacea.

Which makes them the ideal product for those who are either lazy, want a refined routine (three steps or less) or are wanting results, fast.

Other homegrown heroes

Now that your specific skincare concerns have been targeted, level out your routine with a good selection of staple products. These are Aussie made and free from nasty ingredients.

The Groomed Man Co Face Fuel Cleanser ($46, at The Groomed Man Co)

A cleanser that is indeed better than a bar of soap. Green tea extract, marshmallow root and activated charcoal work to do more than just clean your skin.

Charles and Lee Charcoal Face Scrub ($14.21, at Charles and Lee)

Made in Melbourne, this walnut shell and charcoal powders help to draw out dirt and oil from pores while gently lifting dead skin cells for a smoother, softer complexion.

Handsome Antioxidant Day Cream ($19.95, at Handsome)

Formulated with avocado, sesame, jojoba and rosehip oils this daily moisturiser hydrates while it protects from free radical damage.