tanning, nails, skin allowed during lockdown?

With restrictions easing across the country, what is and isn’t allowed is murky, especially when it comes to mobile beauty and massage services.

Earlier this month Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a three step plan to get Australia back on track and slowly moving out of isolation. Although it all sounds well and good, the lines across all industries are blurry, especially since it’s up to each state to decide when and what restrictions are lifted. Read our state by state guide here.

Of those blurry industries, beauty is a big one. Across most states currently only hair salons and remedial or therapeutic massage services are open, with the Northern Territory and Queensland being exceptions.

But now that some states allow you to visit other people’s homes and have gatherings, the question of at-home beauty and mobile services has come in to play. And it’s confusing. Here’s what we know so far.

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The 101 on mobile services

For the majority of states, there is no information outlining whether mobile beauty services are allowed to operate, because in most cases they’re not. It seems if nail, skin and tanning salons aren’t allowed to operate as normal, they’re not allowed to operate at their own or someone else’s home.

However, if you live in NSW things are tricky. The current ruling on the NSW Government’s site outlines that mobile services can operate, as long as they comply with laws and health and safety rulings, as well as social distancing.

Take Sydney-based home services app Urban Company for example. The platform connects Sydney-based customers with mobile professionals, who only operate as independent freelancers and don’t work in beauty salons. They’re now offering at-home beauty treatments like manicures, facials, eyebrow grooming and even lash tints.

“We are regularly checking in with the NSW government to ensure we are complying with the relevant updated policies to help us flatten the curve and discontinue the spread of the virus,” says Lauren Warwick, marketing lead for Urban Company Australia.

“The NSW government website has indicated that mobile services are allowed provided we comply with the health and safety, social distancing and public liability requirements, which we are taking very seriously.”

Politician Sonia Hornery also shared the news on social media.

Australia-wide mobile massage service provider Blys is also taking bookings again, sharing this information on May 6.

But here’s the catch

Salons that operate out of their homes have to follow the same rules as those who operate out of a salon – which currently stands at either being closed altogether or open to sell product only. However, if your beauty business only operates as a mobile service (no salon at all) you can now visit clients, while abiding by NSW Government social distancing requirements.

It seems the same rules apply if you take your salon business mobile. Owner of Bondi’s Tan Temple Jacci Haslam says the new rulings need further clarification.

“Just after we found out it was all OK from the NSW Government website I had so many emails from clients wanting tans so we started advertising and booking mobile appointments. I was then contacted by another salon owner who explained that it wasn’t allowed, so I checked the website again. The information was still on the site, but I decided to call Service NSW to get clarification,” she says.

“They said we aren’t allowed to do mobile tanning, but we were reading the same page together which outlined we are allowed, but they told me it’s only health related mobile services, so mobile massages but no beauty.”

Confused? Us too. If you’re unsure about what’s allowed and what’s not it’s best to check in with your state and territory guidelines or contact your local salon for clarification.