Stylist Lana Wilkinson opens up her little black book of beauty tricks and treatments

Celebrity fashion stylist and entrepreneur Lana Wilkinson includes beauty as part of the job, with access to the best in the business she fills us in on the in-salon treatments and at-home products she swears by.

Lana Wilkinson knows taking care of yourself is big business, but the wife, mother of two daughters and celebrity fashion stylist (she even has her own shoe brand) counts fitness as important as beauty when it comes to self-care.

“The ultimate self-care practice for me is completing a training session. I always recommend this to my friends as a way to ease frustration and check in with yourself mentally and physically,” she tells Body+Soul.

Here, the Melbourne-based entrepreneur shares her go-to tricks and treatments for looking and feeling her best.

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I have always been quite low-maintenance in terms of my skin, however over the last few months I have been investing more time and effort into my daily skincare and treatment routine.

I have introduced treatments such as laser rejuvenation at Bare Laser and Skin in Hampton (Victoria) and refined my morning and night-time skincare routines to be more age appropriate. I can already see huge differences in clarity and texture.

In terms of products, Mecca is always my go to for not only expert product knowledge but also for beautiful and effective brands that sit at an affordable price point. Go-To, Dr Dennis Gross and Tatcha are my favourite when it comes to fighting fine lines but also boosting a dull complexion.



Uva Salon in Prahran has always been my go-to for everything hair related. Marie Uva does my colour, cuts and blow drys and she can always be relied on to give me the perfectly styled bend in my hair that I love so much.


Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love a spray tan. The team at Spray Aus do a perfectly blended and bronzed tan that leaves your skin feeling hydrated to avoid the dreaded day four scaly period. I usually have one every week – even in Winter. It can sometimes be twice a week, depending on what I have on.

Eyelash Extensions with Leyla at Beauty and Brow Co in Ivanhoe. I’ve recently started wearing extensions and don’t think I could ever live without them now. They make my morning routine so much quicker and provide a great base for everyday makeup.

Manicure and pedicures at Buff Nail Studios every fortnight. As the owner of a shoe brand a pedicure is essential. Ballet Slippers by Essie is a versatile and wearable shade I always reach for.


I see Vince Ozalp at Elite Training in East Keilor three times a week. Our training sessions are incredibly varied and include strength training, boxing and endurance work and sprints. I love that the sessions are short, intense and effective which are perfect for someone like myself who is time poor.

Fortnightly massages through the Blys App at home. They’re so helpful with my recovery and also just an indulgent way to treat myself after achieving my goals for the week.


Since beginning my new fitness regime I am trying to give more consideration to what I put into my body with guidance from my trainer. I cook a lot at home for my family and love to use a variety of fresh fish and lean meats. I don’t maintain any strict diets as it can be hard for me to stick to when I’m on the go. My weakness is margaritas but everything in moderation!


I’m not a great sleeper as I find my mind races when I get to bed at night (the perks of owning your own business!). I try to get at least 6 hours a night but with two young girls this is sometimes a challenge. My 2021 plan is to incorporate meditation into my nightly routine as I’ve been assured it will change my sleep patterns and also the way I approach and deal stressful situations.


I have started taking The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, $45 at The Beauty Chef and I’ve seen a definite increase in hydration and skin clarity.

When I have the time, I also use a Gua Sha stone recommended by facialist Melanie Grant on my face to reduce puffiness and boost blood flow. I also find this so relaxing and therapeutic.

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