Stretch, tone and tan your way to a sexier back just in time for summer

A sexier back is easier than you think. But it requires a well-rounded approach to both beauty and wellness. No more slouching, slumping or uneven skin tone.

When you think of summer body prep it’s all legs and bum – we get to work exfoliating, try all kinds of hair removal (at-home laser included), we’re even body masking and taking to skin-toning tools.

But while we’re often so preoccupied with nailing that fake tan every Thursday night (here’s six new one’s to try for your face, by the way), and smoothing over dimples and marks with techy devices, we neglect another big part of our body on show: our back’s.

So, here’s a handy guide to perfecting your posture, beating that bacne and toning up for super smooth skin.

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Do the downward dog

Staying flexible is said to have age-defying advantages for your body, both outside and in – from boosting circulation and blood flow, to improving digestion and increasing detoxification.

Yoga works to improve your posture, stability and balance, but is also a stress-buster and can even improve breathing (especially if you’ve been hunched over). If you can’t touch your toes or twist your spine, using a block or strap can help Then fast-track muscle recovery with a long magnesium soak.

Try: Yoga Block and Strap ($5.50, at Kmart) and Magnesium Flakes ($22.95, at The Salt Box)

It’s all about posture

Sitting down for the majority of the day, forgetting not to slouch and slumping over a laptop or smartphone can all contribute to poor posture, which in turn strains the muscles and discs in your back, and impacts circulation. While the mantra “stand up straight, shoulders back, belly in” is simple enough, few of us have the headspace to think about it often enough to make a change. Good thing there are handy gadgets out there that can help you massage sore spots and retrain your bad habits.

Try: Magic Stretcher ($44.95, at Massage Mat) and Upright Go 2 Posture Trainer ($148, at Harvey Norman)

Let’s talk about bacne

Acne is a hard one to crack, especially when it crops up on your body. Hormones, excess oil, sweat and sunscreen all play a part. If your breakouts are sore, red or won’t go away, we advise visiting a dermatologist for treatment and advice. Otherwise the best at-home treatment is in your shower. Look for purifying and detoxifying body washes that are gentle and won’t exacerbate inflammation.

Ingredients like tea tree, charcoal, plus AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) can help deeply cleanse, reduce further breakouts and help with redness.

Try: Carbon Theory Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Bar ($14.99 at Priceline) and La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micro-Peeling Purifying Gel ($29.95, at Adore Beauty)

Tan and tone

Even skin tone, fade spots or redness and add a luminous, youthful glow to the spot of skin that hasn’t see sun for some time. A quick golden wash over your shoulders and back will add radiance and build definition. Nourish and tone your skin with a firming body lotion. This yellow tube brightens and tightens with green coffee-bean extract.

Try: Eco Tan Hempitan Body Tan water ($39.95, at Nourished Life) and Bangn Body Firming Lotion ($48, at Bangn Body)

Stretch and roll

Perfect your posture and lengthen your lumbar, shoulders, neck and sides with a good, old-fashioned stretch. Being somewhat committed to elongating and foam-rolling a few times a week won’t just improve your curvatures aesthetically, it’ll help with slouching and pain, too. Therabody has launched a smart-foam roller with inbuilt vibration therapy to boost each recovery and rehab session.

Try: Zone Cork Massage Balls ($29.95, at Body Ice) and Therabody Wave Roller ($249, at Theragun)

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