Smooth surfaces, dry hair and pre-brushing

If you’ve ever woken up with a severe case of ‘bed hair’ do yourself (and your strands) a favour and read this.

It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing. We know that while we’re resting our bodies get to work repairing and regenerating cells, producing collagen and circulating blood flow for healthy skin and strands. But while your body is busy smoothing fine lines, fighting inflammation and soothing scars, your sleeping habits could be doing the exact opposite to your hair. From hardcore hair damage, to snapping, frizz and indents, here’s three tactics to safely sleep-proof your strands.

Snooze on a smooth surface

If you’ve ever woken up to a frizzy, fluff-ball of knots its not just because you’re tossing and turning. It’s down to your bedding. Switching to a smooth pillowcase like satin or silk, allows your hair to evenly glide over the surface – not get roughly dragged, while you move. By sleeping on a soft pillowcase, or wrapping your hair in a silky scarf or wrap you’ll prevent bed hair, a tonne of tangles and damage from breakage.


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Prep and set

Brushing your hair until it’s smooth and knot-free before jumping into bed can help eliminate further damage caused by tangles. Use a soft bristle brush to gently massage your scalp (promoting growth) and distribute the natural oils from the roots to the tips to nourish any dryness or split ends. If you have long hair use a soft scrunchie instead of an elastic (which can pull, tug and cause indentation and breakage) to loosely secure hair or tie in a plait for extra protection.


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Wet hair is weak hair

We all do it, but going to bed with damp strands is a major beauty no-no. Not only does falling asleep with a cold, wet head leave you vulnerable to catching a cold, it’s also an invitation for bad hair health. Wet hair is 60% weaker when it’s wet, which means it’s more prone to snapping. If you have to wash your hair before you go to sleep and are too lazy to blow dry it use a hair-friendly towel or a soft t-shirt to dry your locks, they’re gentler and don’t cause friction or breakage.


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