skincare, hair, nails, brows and eyelashes

Whether you’re worried about regrowth or grown-out acrylics, we’re here to help.

With lockdowns in Australia separating us from our beloved beauty therapists, big questions start to arise.

What on earth do we do with our greys? How can we keep our nails from peeling and breaking and should we attempt an iso haircut?

If anything, the internet has taught us what NOT to do – by providing us with hilarious memes of people who lost their marbles and decided lockdowns were the perfect time to cut bangs.

But what SHOULD we do?

To ease the stress, we decided to consult some of Australia’s leading beauty therapists across a range of disciplines – skincare, hair, nails and brows/eyelashes to answer our questions.

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We answered your questions including:

  • How do I make my Botox last longer in lockdown?
  • I desperately need a facial, how can I get results that are *as good* at home?
  • Help! I miss my dermatologist and can’t wait until lockdown ends for an appointment?
  • ‘Maskne’ has struck again, how can I fix it?
  • How can I use lockdown as an opportunity to give my skin a general glow-up?


We answered your questions including:

  • My greys are taking over, what should I do?
  • I’m too scared to do a haircut but my split ends are out of control!
  • How often should we be washing our hair during lockdown? More or less? What can be achieved by changing up our routine?
  • I finally want to tackle my frizzy hair now I have time, what should I do?
  • How can we use lockdown as an opportunity to care and prepare our hair?


We answered your questions including:

  • Whether or not you should do your cuticles at home?
  • I keep picking at my gel polish. How should I remove it?
  • What vitamins and other nail care products can I use to strengthen my nails in lockdown?
  • How to stop nails drying out with constant hand washing?
  • How to have a better, safer at-home manicure?


We answered your questions including:

  • How to maintain lash health in lockdown?
  • My eyebrows are a hairy mess, should I tweeze and how?
  • What’s the best way to remove mascara without ruining your lashes?
  • How to boost natural lash growth if I can’t get lash extensions?
  • How to dye my washed-out brows?