Pro tips for nailing the at-home blow dry

Leigh Dole, founder of Blow Bar Co, shares her professional hairstylist tips for creating the perfect ‘undone’ beachy wave, her go-to tools and how to make an at-home blow dry last as long as humanly possible. 

There’s nothing like getting a professional blow dry to make you feel like you’ve got your life together. Good hair for a day – or even two – has that effect, as superficial as it sounds. But the cost, and time, of seeing your stylist on a regular basis is prohibitive for most Australians.

I ask Leigh Dole, the founder and director of Sydney’s Blow Bar Co – which incidentally celebrates its fifth birthday this month – for her tips on creating a salon-worthy blow dry at home. And with her help, you might even be able to stretch it to last for most of the week…

How do you get your blow dry to last for 2+ days?

There are a number of tips to make sure you get the longevity out of your blow dry…

1. Sleep with your hair up (high) and twist it in the same direction as your blow.

2. Silk, silk, silk!!! Think: pillowcase, head turban, scrunchies…

3. Dry shampoo is a blow dry’s best friend

4. And last but not least, steer clear of the heat and steam. When showering, use a quality shower cap and try to keep it as brief as possible!

How do you avoid ‘beauty queen hair’ and get undone, beachy waves instead?

It’s so important to work with what you have [texture-wise]. Don’t stretch out the hair to dry it. Just flip [your head upside down] and shake the hair around, manipulating the airflow to dry the hair, but not smooth it. The hair flip will dry the roots up, and give that extra body.

Then, take random sections and add a wave to your hair with a heated tong. Ensure you’re alternating directions and heights so that you get a messy beach wave.

To finish, spray dry shampoo, and then ensure you work it through the hair from top to bottom.

What are your top three products for the perfect blow dry?

NAK Replends Moisture Mask, $31.95, the NAK Hair Thermal Shield 150g, $29.95 and the NAK HAIR Root Lift Mist, $29.95.

Does the kind of hair dryer/brushes matter?

Most absolutely! Power, heat and speed is crucial.

To blow dry you need a brush that heats up which helps to set the hair, and to avoid continuous and over0drying of your section of hair.

To make your blow dry last, use a soft bristled brush like a Mason Pearson.

Your hairdryer should have a cold setting to set the hair, and the heat setting will ensure it dries and forms the new shape.