Normal mascara is the key to making your lash lift last longer

It’s a valid life crisis having the world’s shortest lashes.

Seriously, during the day I’m rocking the eye make-up and actually look like an acceptable human being, but at night I look more like Voldemort. True story.

Yes, I’ve tried falsies (hello, glue disaster) and extensions (which ended in a real-life nightmare), but neither were worth my time, effort and most importantly, money.

Enter: the lash lift. The most life-changing beauty treatment one could ever love. It’s the biggest beauty trend of the moment that involves no glue, is safe, and unlike extensions, you can actually exercise/wash your face/sleep properly/get on with life without having to worry about your lashes falling out or dropping.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a lash lift is, I need to get you up to speed. ASAP.

Basically, the lashes are coated with a keratin formula, which is pressed against a mold that is placed on your upper eyelid line. Less than 30 minutes later the mold comes off, and voila! Your lashes are curled and lifted – and yes, stay like that through the thick and thin. A good salon will also tint and moisturise them afterwards.

Typically, a lift is supposed to last a maximum of six weeks, but according to beauty technician at Christopher Hanna, Katie Charonska, there is a simple trick to making it last a couple of weeks longer before they fall flat again.

According to Charonska, the number one tip to prolonging the lifespan of your lash lift comes down to simply swapping your waterproof mascara for a regular water-resistant mascara.

“Don’t wear waterproof mascara,” she explains. “If you wear waterproof mascara, it’s harder to get off and you can only use oil-based make-up remover. The oil in it will drop your lash lift faster.”

Many beauty experts have warned against waterproof mascara, too, claiming the agents used to make it can dry out your lashes, and in some extreme cases, cause lashes to fall out.

Here are simple ways to help make your lift last longer:

  • Avoid waterproof mascara
  • Avoid oil-based cleansers
  • Wait at least 12 hours after your lift before wetting your eyes
  • Wait at least 24 hours after your lift before applying eye makeup

Tbh, a lift makes it look like you’re wearing mascara already so you might want to ditch the eye makeup all together! And when we’re talking money, you’re saving yourself around $150 a year by prolonging your lash lift life, which may I add, equates to a good 37 extra coffees or 10 extra avo toast brunches. So… you’re welcome.