New Dyson Corrale hair straightener comes with $699 price tag

After the success of the popular Supersonic hair dryer and Airwrap curling wand, Dyson has launched the brand’s first-ever hair straightener. 

Dyson has revolutionised the hair game.

After seven years of development and over 60 hours of user trials, the Great British Brand has officially launched their latest product – the Dyson Corrale – the world’s first ever cordless hair straightener with fancy flexing plate technology.

But it comes with a price tag.

A $699 price tag.

So, is the Corrale worth the investment?

If you’ve ever used a flat iron before, you know the struggle of passing through a section of hair and half the hairs start fanning outwards, losing contact with the hot plates, and forcing you to iron over, and over, the same sections that didn’t get properly straightened in the first place.

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The Corrale uses copper flexing plates to shape, gather and lock in each strand of hair gathered, applying even heat and tension in each pass, so you don’t have to apply unnecessary extra heat to the same section again.

“We have been worried about the style results and heat damage from flat plate straighteners,” Founder and Chief Engineer James Dyson explains. “Flat hair irons apply tension and heat only on the thickest part of the hair tress, the strands at the edges are not clamped, leaving them slack, unheated and leaving flyaways. It requires multiple passes on the same section of hair tress to give an even look, by which time excess heat may have caused reduced strength and less gloss.

“We discovered that if the plates could conform to the precise profile of the tress, then with each pass we could apply the correct tension to all the hair strands.”

These “plates” are what makes the Corrale so special – each one being precisely made to the thickness of 65 microns to adapt to the shape of the hair tress.

The science behind it is very technical, but for us average peeps, what it means is: fewer passes = less damage. It’s that simple.

Did we mention it’s cord-free

Just like you didn’t think cordless earphones would change your life until you actually tried them, a cordless hair straightener will do exactly the same thing.

The unit lasts for 30-minutes on a single charge and can be topped up in 70-minutes, but also includes a magnetic charging cable for longer styling sessions.

And for your hair straightener travelling struggles, the Corrale has a flight-mode feature, which has been approved to be packed into your carry-on luggage, so you’ll never be without styled hair.

Healthy hair temperatures

The straightener comes with three different temperature settings – 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F) and 210°C (410°F) – but only those with extremely curly, thick and unruly hair would ever need to use the highest setting. It takes about 30 seconds to heat up, too. Super speedy.

The device features the same Intelligent Heat Control technology as the brand’s popular Supersonic dryer and Airwrap, meaning the temperature is measured 100 times a second via a platinum sensor to ensure those temperatures remain stable.

Automatic shutdown feature

Even been halfway to work, only to realise you forgot to turn your hair straightener off? We feel you, and so does Dyson – which is why the Corrale actually eliminates this problem entirely.

In the rare (or regular) occasion you do forget to turn it off, the device automatically turns itself off when not in use. Problem. Solved.

So, to get or not to get?

Think of it like this: divide the price by how many times you’ll actually use it, and really, it’s probably worth the hefty price.

That, or you can just pop it on your (extremely early) Christmas list. Hi, mum.

The Dyson Corrale will be available in dark nickel/fuschia and purple/black globally from April 2020 for $699. Keep an eye out on their site here.