Micro-needling treatment reduced my skin age by five years

‘Months since the first treatment, the texture is still smoother and I feel so much more comfortable leaving my skin makeup-free, something I would never have done previously.’

I don’t feel like I’m in my forties. I still feel like I’m twenty seven, living in London drinking too much beer, not worrying about my diet and horrified by the idea of using eye cream.

Now it’s finally caught up with me, particularly the skin on my face. Uneven tone, redness, pigmentation, and fine lines (I really should have listened to my nan all those years ago when she told me to stop frowning).

After two kids and a divorce, plus that dreaded F word (forty), I wanted to do something about it. A friend had highly recommended micro-needling. Sounded painful but you know, beauty is pain.

So I head along to Infinity Skin in Sydney’s Surry Hills to find out more. They use a medical device called SkinPen which helps with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, texture, and scars. They run a pen-like device over your skin which punctures the skin and stimulates tissue regeneration, improving the appearance of the skin.

The process is called collagen induction therapy (CIT) which basically breaks the old and damaged strands of collagen and encourages the production of new collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sign me up.

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They start by taking a scan of my skin with the Visia skin analysis system to show exactly what and where my problem areas are. The images were equal parts horrifying and fascinating. The pigmentation and age spots were worse on my right, the driver’s side (gah), and told me my skin age was 48 when I’m actually 43. Depressing stuff. But help was on the way.

The process begins

Lisa, my incredible therapist, started by giving me a Hydrafacial to make sure my skin was in prime condition for the micro-needling treatment in three weeks. It was like a miniature Dyson vacuum for your skin, sucking all the gunk out into a glass cylinder for your morbid viewing pleasure.

My skin looked incredible. I had no makeup on out to meet friends that night and my skin was glowing. I spent the next three weeks using the supplied medical grade products to prep my skin before heading in for my first session.

30 mins before my treatment I popped two Panadol to help with pain relief and then they applied a numbing gel all over my face.

Half an hour later with no feeling left in my face, we got started. To begin with it felt like someone flicking rubber bands at your skin, uncomfortable but manageable. She started on my forehead, working her way down my cheeks to my chin, and by the time she got to the end I was grateful for the pain relief.

I was then put under an LED light to help with the healing process.

When I got home that night my face was very red, like I’d had a long day out in the sun with no sunscreen. The products they gave me helped soothe my skin and it was more uncomfortable than painful.

Two days later my skin started to go brown, dry and peel off. I was able to cover it with a tinted moisturiser and go to work without any funny looks. I had the treatment on a Friday afternoon, so the worst of it was over the weekend when I could stay home makeup free to give my skin a break.

When all the brown layers peeled away, I was left with baby soft skin and a noticeable reduction in pigmentation and redness, as well as general improvement in the texture of my skin.

Lisa assured me that my skin would continue to improve with each treatment, so four weeks later, I popped two Panadol and was back for round two.

I knew what to expect this time so I was actually able to zone out and relax. Once again I’d planned it for a Friday afternoon so I could head straight home for a quiet weekend while my face did its Freddie Kruger impersonation.

My third and final treatment was a glad wrapped walk in the park and I couldn’t wait to see the difference in my skin since that first revealing scan a few months earlier.

I can visibly see that the redness, pigmentation and lines in my skin have improved remarkably and the scan backed that up. The texture had improved by 26%, the redness by 30% and best of all, my skin age had reduced by FIVE years.

Months since that first treatment, the texture is still smoother and I feel so much more comfortable leaving my skin makeup free, something I would never have done previously.

It’s not a quick or relaxing process but the results were absolutely worth it.

Melissa was a guest of Infinity Skin in Surry Hills.