Luxuriously time-sucking beauty things you never had time for, until now

Let us remind you of all the steps in your routine you put off because they take too long or require too much of your attention.

If you’re on lockdown and looking for ways to make yourself feel better you’ve come to the right place. From this guide to intimacy to these plant delivery services that are key to creating happy ‘green’ spaces, and ways to upskill while in isolation, we’ve got you covered.

Another way to lift your spirits is through self-care. Whether that be through exercise, a bout of baking or by indulging in the beauty practices you rarely have time for, but always think about.

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Otherwise known as microneedling, this skincare treatment involves rolling a tool packed with tiny needles all over your face. Sound terrifying? We get it. But, by manually rolling this handy gadget over your face, neck and chest, micro-punctures are created to not only help skincare penetrate deeper into the dermis, but to promote wound healing stimulation, too.

The tiny injuries over the skin help promote collagen production, plump and smooth skin, minimise pores and can even help with acne scarring. Pair this with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and retinol to supercharge their powers.

Depending on your skin condition or needs it’s important to read instructions carefully or check in with your therapist before beginning. Start with one session a week and work up to three times a week (depending on needle size).

Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller ($49.95, at Mecca)

Taking a bath

When was the last time you had a proper, soothing soak? One that was more than just a 15 minute wash? Set yourself up for a session with candles, dim lighting, muscle-relaxing salts, a hair treatment, face mask, body scrub – the whole shebang.

Indie Lee Sleep Soak ($66, at Sephora)

Body masking

Make like Tracee Ellis Ross and full-body mask. From butt-masks to chest masks, skincare should always extend further than your face. Sitting down all day in trackies or gym gear can cause friction leaving skin feeling irritated and bumpy, especially on your bum. A deeply clarifying, restorative or hydrating treatment will do wonders for your skin – use your regular face mask, or try one made for specific areas of your body.

Such Skincare Australian Pink Clay Bum Mask ($49.95, at Such Skincare)

Gua sha

We’ve banged on about the benefits of gua sha before, but it’s one of those things that you start and then push to the side when you get too busy. Let us remind you of its complexion-boosting qualities. Not only does the ancient therapy work to improve circulation, decrease puffiness and swelling, it also brings nutrients and blood to the surface of the skin for a healthy flush of colour and bouncy texture.

Just by dragging this tool over your face, neck and chest will help lift, tone and firm your skin. Here’s a simple guide to DIY at-home.

Salt by Hendrix Rising Sun Gua Sha ($24.95, at Salt by Hendrix)

Microcurrent massage

Another handy gadget that requires a few minutes of your attention but is well worth the splurge (and the short 10 minutes out of your daily routine) is an at-home microcurrent body toning device. When it comes to skin laxity and tone, a treatment boasting microcurrents can do the trick. Fusing both massage and tech, it works by emitting low-level microcurrents into the skin to stimulate elastin, collagen and muscle fibres to help lift and tighten, that feel just like pins and needles.

This high-tech tool is said to tighten and firm skin and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, dimples and uneven texture. While it won’t quite replicate the strength of a professional treatment, you can use it as much as you like, whenever you like.

NuFace NuBody ($639, at Mecca)

Hair rehab

We’re all guilty of washing conditioner out way before those three minutes are up, rushing to get out of the shower and not wanting to waste water for the sake of our hair’s health. Luckily, you can give your mane a shot of hydration without even stepping in the shower.

Schedule in some time every week to have a ‘hair day’. You do it for your tan on Thursday nights, so why not give your locks the same attention? Give your scalp a good detox with a scrub or purifying cleanser, then shampoo your hair and rinse. Hop out of the shower and apply a good dose of a nourishing mask to damp mid-lengths and ends, and a scalp-focused treatment to your roots. From here, tie your hair in a bun, or wrap in clingfilm and pop on a hair turban or shower cap. Return to life as normal, and wash off after an hour – or when you remember. Avoid thick, balmy formulas as the longer you leave them the harder they are to wash out.

Your dry, damaged and stressed out strands will soak up reparative ingredients for a smoother, softer and shinier finish. But you’re also giving your scalp (the root cause of all of hair dilemmas) extra TLC for better growth and nourishment.

Sachajuan Hair Repair ($43, at Myer)

Coffee scrub

You’re probably aware of the benefits of coffee body scrubs. The grounds are said to have powerful skin firming, toning and smoothing qualities while being packed with antioxidants. You’ve also probably seen the shots of people covered in brown coffee, sitting in an empty bathtub. Despite the skin-boosting, dimple-busting benefits it’s one of the steps in your routine you likely put on hold a) because it’s messy and b) because it’s time consuming.

Standing in an empty shower, cold and covered in coffee for 10 minutes doesn’t sound appealing. But now that you’ve got the time (to wait and to clean up afterwards) there’s no better excuse.

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub ($16.95, at Frank Body)

Pedicure peels

Yep, now is the time for those skin-peeling foot treatments. You’ll need to put your feet up for about 45 minutes to an hour. By soaking your feet in the resurfacing lotion formula made from milk ferment and salicylic and mandelic acids, it works to breakdown and literally peel hardened, dead skin from the soles and sides of your feet.

Milky Foot Exfoliation Pads ($26.99, at Chemist Warehouse)

Pearlier whites

10 minutes to whiter-looking teeth? You’d be silly not to. And now you can do it while you’re working from home. After brushing your teeth, pop the mouth tray and LED light into your mouth and leave in for ten minutes, rinse and you’re good to go.

This formula contains no peroxide and a nerve-protecting ingredient to keep sensitivity at bay.

Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit ($79.99, at Hi Smile)

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