Keep skincare and beauty products fresh in this cute product

If you’re not storing your skincare chilled you’re missing out. Not only does applying cold lotions and potions help soothe inflamed, red and sensitive skin, it also gives you a refreshing cool-down during warmer weather AND works to de-puff and tighten swollen skin by boosting circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage.

However, keeping your face mist in the fridge right next to the jam and salad dressing isn’t necessarily chic, and can often be left out of your daily routine – out of sight, out of mind, right? Thankfully there’s a solution. Enter: ‘The Beauty Fridge’ – a mini refrigerator designed specifically for your selfcare products that fits in your bathroom or even on your bedside table.

But it doesn’t just cool – this one from Beauty Fridge ($129.99, at Beauty Fridge) has heating power too – for warm towels and wax. Plus it comes with removable shelves for big tubs and tubes.

And for serious skincare buffs, this one from The Beauty Fridge ($219.95, at The Beauty Fridge) comes in three colours and has 10 litres of storage space – including a section for tools and sachets like sheet masks.

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If you’re serious about skincare, these are a way more hygienic option for storing tools like gua sha and jade rollers. Plus, they allegedly extend the shelf life of cosmetics, skincare and nail polish and can even reduce bacteria from growing. Although there’s not a huge amount of scientific backing, it kind of makes sense and judging by the thousands upon thousands of fans it does the trick. *Adds to cart.*