Jade rolling versus gua sha massage which is better for your face

There are plenty of conflicting opinions in the health and wellness space, which can be confusing on a good day and downright frustrating on a bad day.

Annoying, yes? However, we’ve found that a difference of opinion doesn’t mean either side is necessarily right or wrong – it’s simply about finding ‘that one thing’ that works for you. So say hello to A Healthy Debate, body+soul’s new editorial series where we give a platform to equally educated but often opposing points of view on the latest and greatest health trends. Who will have you convinced?

Today we’re debating the relative efficacy of two much-hyped facial massage techniques – jade rolling versus the Chinese technique of Gua sha.

In the Jade rolling corner: Jaymie Hooper, body+soul features writer

“Like all good things in life, I first came across jade rolling during a late-night Instagram scroll. It was around two years ago now, but it took me up until last month to finally give the trend a try – and boy oh boy, have I been missing out.

Not only does my skin look – and feel – instantly de-puffed after a few rolls, the long-term results have been even better. I carry a lot of muscle tightness in my jaw, and jade rolling has really helped me work it all out. I’ve also experienced fewer bouts of cystic acne which, according to research, is because facial massage stimulates your lymphatic system and helps flush out built-up toxins. Experts say jade rolling can also boost your circulation and reduce inflammation, and my smoother, plumper, brighter skin definitely agrees.

Although jade rolling doesn’t work as deeply as gua sha, to me, it’s way more accessible. While gua sha requires a lot more work and concentration, with jade rolling, all I do is roll the tool up my neck and towards the edges of my face et voila! If my eyes are extra puffy, I’ll spend a minute or two rolling them out in the morning, but because I find it so relaxing, I now roll for five to 10 minutes every night before bed.

For me, jade rolling is all about… self-care, de-puffing and getting my glow back.”

Jade face roller, $44, at Salt by Hendrix

In the Gua sha corner: Kelsey Ferencak, body+soul beauty editor

“When I first spotted Gua Sha it popped up on Instagram and my immediate thoughts was that it was another alternative, hippy trend that would soon pass thanks to its ability to under deliver on it’s crazy promises of a sculpted jawline, heightened cheekbones and baby-smooth-skin. That’s until I tried it myself.

The whole process is self-care at it’s finest, putting you into a relaxing, almost-meditative trance while you slide the tool back and forth. The first time I tried it I immediately felt my face become less congested, and all the tension around my jaw was released. But the next day was where the real results were. Not only did I see a significant difference in the way my skin looked – it was dewy and clear, but in how it felt too – bouncy and plump. Now it’s become a regular in my routine, I do it three or four times a week while I watch TV for five to 10 minutes.

Gua sha works at a deeper level than regular jade rolling as it’s working to activate the lymphatic, as well as deeply massaging the skin and oxygenating the cells which can be beneficial for clearing and smoothing your skin is, as well as sculpting and toning AND boosting collagen production. Plus, it helps penetrate product deeper into the epidermis – so it’s just like jade rolling, but supercharged.

For me, Gua sha is all about… plumping, smoothing and hydrating.”

Quartz Gua sha face shaping tool, $24, at Salt by Hendrix