Is showing pubic hair against the law?

When it comes to whether or not to embrace pubic hair, times have certainly changed. But why? Psychologist Jo Lamble believes we should embrace the fuzz and start loving ourselves.  

Reader question

Let’s talk about pubic hair! In my day, men had their pubic hair showing when they were at the beach and they were proud of it. When women wore swimming costumes, some hair still showed.

Now with the “barely there” suit, women have their hair removed.

These plucked chooks are missing out on the sensation of the underarm tug of the hair. Is showing hair down there against the law now? (PS: Real men like women who are all woman – hair and all). Gosh, I’m so glad this is anonymous, my daughters would be saying, “I don’t own her” and my sons wouldn’t know what all the fuss is about.

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Jo’s Answer

Although I laughed at your “plucked chooks” description, there’s also a serious side to the modern aversion to body hair. Young teens going through puberty can be confused or revolted by their developing bodies and their new pubic hair.

This is especially true if they have never seen pubic hair on one or both parents. Some adolescents attempt to shave everything off at a really early age.

Others pester parents to get expensive laser hair removal in order to fit in. Bodies we see on Instagram are often smooth, hairless and ripped.

So it’s easy to see why our youth can feel unattractive and inadequate. It’s also easy to see why many older people feel the same way. The answer is to educate our children about how important it is to love our bodies for being healthy and strong – whether that body is hairy or smooth, short or tall, slim or curvy. And let’s all stop looking to social media for any kind of reality check.