‘I’m a professional MUA, and I swear by these long-lasting makeup tips in summer’

You’re not alone if your makeup melts off the minute you step out into the heat. Here, professional makeup artist Nikkia Joy, shares 10 foolproof long-lasting summer makeup tips she swears by.

Summer screams a simpler life – there’s no need to wear countless layers and jumpers, we’re no longer huddling in front of the heater and the only beauty product you really need is a good quality SPF. After all, any attempt to wear makeup in the heat will just slide off in hours.

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But even though the easiest beauty advice to give when it comes to wearing makeup in summer is simply “just don’t wear any!”, there are days where you’ll be heading to a special event, have a blemish you want to conceal, a hot date you want to impress or just feel like wearing some foundation for yourself, where a bare face just won’t do.

So, we asked professional makeup artist Nikkia Joy to share her top long-lasting summer makeup tips she swears by.

10 expert tips to help your makeup last in the heat

1. Apply primer on the nose

Apply eye primer to your nose to prevent your makeup rubbing off/transferring off your nose during the day (especially in hot weather).

How to: You only need a tiny amount, apply it to your nose (and any other areas that your makeup tends to rub off of during the day), and then apply your foundation over the top.

2. Use a translucent setting powder

Using a translucent setting powder under foundation will help your makeup last longer.

How to: After applying your primer, use a fluffy powder brush to apply a small amount of translucent powder all over your face before going in with your foundation. It will help your makeup look smoother, stay shine free, hold up better against sweat and last all day.

3. Apply foundation with a damp sponge

We have all been taught to apply powder with a brush to set our makeup, but applying it on a damp sponge actually gives you a much smoother, and more flawless result that lasts a lot longer and prevents the foundation from separating/caking up during the day.

How to: Using a damp makeup sponge, dip the end into your translucent powder and then use it to gently press powder all over your skin to lock your makeup in. It will transform your skin, making it appear airbrushed and smooth, will hide texture and will also help your makeup stay put longer during the day.

4. Blotting paper

Always carry blotting paper to quickly touch up particularly shiny areas or on warmer days. Blotting sheets are small, very thin papers that can be pressed onto the skin to absorb oil/sweat. They are great because they absorb the oil without removing the makeup underneath

5. Setting spray

Setting spray is your best friend during the warmer months.

How to: It seals your makeup in place (lightly spritz over your face when finished doing your makeup) and holds your makeup in place (especially if getting shiny/sweaty). Applying a quick spritz of setting spray before your foundation (as well as after) will also prevent oil, shine and sweat ruining your makeup during the day. Make sure you choose a formula that is for longevity though, not a refreshing/dewy formula.

6. Avoid dewy products

Avoid dewy finish foundations and concealers and any heavily emollient products. Adding extra shine and dewiness to the skin with more glowy formulas looks great, but in the warmer months can lead to your makeup sliding around and not lasting all day.

Go for long wear formulas and if you are wanting more of a sheer, natural look, try mixing some moisturiser into the foundation to reduce the coverage and give your skin a more natural finish.

7. Less is more

Less is always more in the warmer months, try to apply only very thin layers of primer, foundation and concealer to the skin to get the longest wear time and the smoothest finish. Building up thicker layers of product can lead to caking, separation and increased oil production.

8. Use a gel/water-based moisturiser

Use a gel or water based moisturiser on your skin before applying your makeup. They typically absorb faster, and leave no residue on the skin. Products that leave an oily/greasy residue on the skin will increase the ability of your foundation to transfer and slide off during the day, especially if in hot weather.

9. Ditch the lipstick

Opt for a tinted gloss and lip liner combo instead of a lipstick. It will give you a fresher finish for summer and will also hold up better in the heat. Cream lipsticks tend to bleed when exposed to heat and sweat so a gloss is always a safer option.

10. Opt for powder eyeshadows and blushes

Avoid cream eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers in hotter weather. These highly emollient formulas break down easily in heat and will not last as long on the skin. Opt for a powder blush and bronzer combo instead, and a powder eyeshadow (or blend some of your bronzer over the lid) to keep the makeup in place for as long as possible.

Nikkia Joy is a renowned makeup artist and founder of Nikkia Joy Cosmetics. Find her on Instagram @nikkiajoy.

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