‘I wore a wig to hide my thinning hair, and I’m converted’

They might have a bad rap for looking cheap or fake, but a good quality wig is a long-term and cost-effective solution for those with thinning or damaged hair, alopecia, or even chemotherapy patients. And once this writer tried hers on, she might never look back. 

Wigs aren’t just for dress-up parties or the Kardashian sisters, they’re also a great way to shake up a hair rut. While they allow you to experiment with different styles and colours, they’re also a long-term and cost-effective solution for those with thinning or damaged hair, alopecia or even chemotherapy patients. Unfortunately, they haven’t always had a good rap – especially if you’re after a wig for one of the latter reasons.

A common complaint is that they look fake, especially if you didn’t spend a small fortune on one. But nowadays, wigs will have you second-guessing. Lace-front, high-quality options made from real hair are easily accessible and won’t break the bank. With each strand individually sewn into place, they mimic the appearance of how natural hair would fall, sitting snugly on to the scalp and naturally blending into your hairline.

For investment pieces or styles you’ll be wearing every day, it’s worth visiting your hairdresser, who will shape your wig to suit your facial structure and hairline, and if you opt for human hair they can even adjust the shade to suit your natural skin tone and hair.

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Using it at home is relatively easy. Ensure all of your own hair is slicked back out of the way – it’s worth matching your part line to your wig’s, too. If your hair is long, there are YouTube tutorials that show you how to disguise your pony.

There are also multiple ways of securing your wig – from clips to tape and glue – so you don’t have to worry about every gust of wind.

The Trial

Mane Luxury Hair Portman Swiss Lace Wig, $1499, mane.store

“The fact that my hair is so thin really bothers me. I have tried everything… except for a wig. But when Kelsey sent me some pictures and I couldn’t tell the difference, I said I’d give it a go. That’s how I found myself sitting in pro stylist Anthony Nader’s chair chatting about the beauty of faking it. When a wig is styled properly, he tells me, anyone can pull off wearing one.

“The wig that’s been chosen for me is made from human hair hand-stitched into Swiss lace, which gives it that authentic-looking hairline. It’s pretty simple to take on and off at home, too. Perhaps I should have started off slow with a thinner topper because it just looked too obvious for me to want to wear it regularly. But I can definitely see the appeal and would recommend it to anyone who feels despair when it comes to their thinning hair.”


ABOVE: From R Mane Luxury Hair Portman Swiss Lace Wig, $1499, mane.store; Julianne by Jon Renau, $673.20, chiquel.com.au;

ABOVE: From R Elly-K Appeal Remy Wig, $1179, elly-k.com.au; Remy Human Hair Wig, $2390, thebeautifulhairboutique.com.