‘I tried vegan toothpaste for 3 weeks’

I never thought much about my choice of toothpaste.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an ardent believer in strong dental hygiene. I brush at least twice a day, floss (less than I should but, hey, I still floss!), and have been cavity free my whole life. Outside of several years of totally embarrassing braces and retainers in the days of my youth, I overall have had very few mishaps when it comes to my teeth and mouth health.

Throughout that time, I’ve pretty much just grabbed whatever is on sale from one of the big toothpaste producers, preferably in a cool mint flavour because green is my favourite colour. But these days I’m trying to live a bit cleaner. No, I’m not forsaking afterwork drinks or selling my car, but I’ve made it a goal to eat a bit better and clean up my act a little bit. One simple place I thought I could do this? My teeth brushing routine. Enter Lovebyt.

I was intrigued to try something that allows you to clean your teeth without introducing them to a bunch of other unnecessary chemicals. It’s also vegan and cruelty free (I do love animals, so I’m on board with this).

Fewer chemicals in my body and less animal harm sounded good to me, so I gave it a go.

Flavours of the week

I tried three flavours of Lovebyt.

The first was peppermint. I wanted to use the most “normal” flavour to help introduce me to this brave new brushing world.

I have to admit the taste at first was a bit disorienting. It wasn’t full-on dentist appointment vibes, but it didn’t have the fluffy feel and softer taste that I was used to from my toothpaste. That being said, the combination of peppermint oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus and xylitol did leave my mouth feeling fresher and cleaner than usual.

I tried the cinnamon and clove flavor next.

As somebody who leans toward those types of flavours when faced with a tough choice at the gelato shop, I was quite looking forward to this one. The first few strokes had me worried, but in the end it didn’t disappoint. I appreciated the different flavour the cinnamon and clove brought, and I can only imagine how good the eucalyptus and calendula are for me. This one proved to be my favourite of the three.

The third one I tried was charcoal and mint.

This one was a bit weird, but it had nothing to do with taste or feel of the toothpaste. This all came down to the black colour. It just looks a bit funny to spit into your sink. Other than that it was great. As evidenced by its inclusion in other personal care products, charcoal has tremendous purifying qualities, and this is no different. Just make sure to give your mouth a good swish when you’re finished.

The verdict

So, as I mentioned earlier, the first thing you notice about Lovebyt toothpaste is that it tastes a bit different than more traditional options. And this isn’t just the cinnamon and clove talking. Even the peppermint flavour had a sharper, less intimidating taste. I would have to imagine this comes from the lack of sweeteners and other ingredients stuffed into other tubes. It took a bit of getting used to, but it began to grow on me after a few days.

The brushing experience itself also felt different. It felt cleaner. While a more traditional toothpaste brings a fluffy, foamy mess, the Lovebyt options didn’t. Although I never really realised how annoying the sloppier, pastier feel was, the cleaner texture of Lovebyt was certainly welcome. Older more traditional toothpaste is like watching an old-school 22-episode series of TV; Lovebyt is more of a gripping six-episode binge on Netflix.

Finally, the smooth sensation that followed the brushing was probably the best part. It’s like that shiny feeling you get when you’ve gone to the dentist and know your smile has gotten a little TLC from a professional.

Look, there’s no denying that the taste of Lovebyt is probably a bit different than that of your normal toothpaste. But within a couple days I didn’t give it a second thought. It’s a small price to pay to remove nasty additives from an important part of your everyday life you’d normally never even think twice about.