‘I tried a butt sheet mask

If you thought sheet masks were exclusively for your face, you’d be wrong. In fact, they’ve made their way down to the neck and décolletage, and most recently, the butt. You slather your limbs and faces in lotions and potions, scrub away at dead skin and dirt, and soak your skin in youth-boosting elixirs, so why stop at your face? Between sitting down all day, wearing tight pants and sweating, your behind is likely to need some TLC, too.

Enter Bawdy, a line of sheet masks made for your bottom, born out of the founder’s belief that “butts are the new face”. Plant-based formulas work to tighten, tone, detoxify and brighten skin in 10 minutes. The range consists of four formulas, each designed to treat different complexion needs — from firming and illuminating, hydrating and toning, brightening and rejuvenating to retexturing and detoxifying.

Designed like a facial mask, the sheet is soaked in ingredients that, once placed on your skin, infuse into the epidermis.

I choose the Bawdy Shake It Firming + Illuminating Butt Mask ($14, mecca. com.au), formulated with plant-based collagen and oat extract to assist with plumping and firming, chamomile and aloe for soothing irritation, and blue marine algae and mineral kelp for antioxidant benefits.

After showering, I apply the mask to each cheek — it’s cold and a bit awkward at first, I need a mirror to position it correctly, but once in place, it stays put. I set the timer for 10 minutes and get on with the rest of my bathroom routine. When the time’s up, I peel off the mask and my skin feels smooth, taught and refreshed.

The bottom line? If you’re a skincare fanatic, or you’re about to pop on a swimsuit, this quick fix is an easy way to give your bottom some complexion care. But if you’re expecting a butt lift in a packet, think again. Nevertheless, pair it with a weekly scrub and daily moisturiser, and your bum will be silky smooth and will definitely make the best of what you’ve got.

3 butt helpers

1. Lush Rump Bottom Rub ($34.95, au.lush.com): Made for cyclists, runners or those who may have irritated, bumpy skin.

2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Oil for Stretch Marks ($15.99, priceline.com.au): Nourishes skin with moringa, baobab and seed oils to increase elasticity.

3. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($69, mecca.com.au): This cult favourite contains firming and tightening superhero guarana.