‘I got a non-surgical nose job’

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight: I am the world’s biggest cosmetic injection cynic.

If you find the whole Kylie Jenner/Jessika from MAFS booby-lip-look desirable, then that’s fine – you do you. If you like having pulled back rabbit cheeks, then that’s also fine – you do you. But for me? Not so much.

I was brought up in a family where we were told to learn to accept and love our appearance – to just be thankful that we have eyes to see, a nose to smell and so on. And I mean, it’s what’s on the inside that truly matters, right?

However, as much as this mantra is ingrained in my head and as much as I’ve convinced myself that I am, in actual fact, the world’s biggest cosmetic injection sceptic, there is one area of my face that I’ve always been extremely self-conscious of: my nose.

You see, my ethnicity isn’t known for having the most structured noses. Instead of having that high nose bridge and pointy tip, mine kind of looks like I’ve fallen flat on my face and it’s just never sprung back up again. Not even exaggerating, I spend a good five minutes contouring the crap out of my nose every morning.

It sounds like the most trivial first world problem ever, but it’s an insecurity that has haunted me for a long time.

Yes, I could easily go under the knife and get a rhinoplasty (surgery of the nose), which is actually the most sought after plastic surgery procedure in Asia, but did you just read that part about going under the knife?? And I definitely don’t have an extra $10k lying around to pay for it, either. Hello, I’m a struggling journalist.

Up until five months ago, I thought my only options were to wear a peg on my nose every night and cross my fingers my nose bone structure would change a tad (yes, this is actually a thing – Google it) or become a millionaire, retire and get a rhinoplasty. But then I found out nose fillers are a thing – and they’re becoming incredibly trendy.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

A non-surgical rhinoplasty is used to correct dorsal humps, crooked tips, an unattractive side profile, an uneven nose and eliminate the ‘flat face’ most people of Asian ethnicity are born with.

Compared to a rhinoplasty, they’re incredibly cheaper – tick. There’s no downtime – tick. And the results last for approximately 12 months – tick. I was sold, and thus I headed to White Hill Medispa to see the highly qualified and trusted Dr Joseph Rizk.

White Hill is a new and luxurious medispa located in in the Inner West of Sydney that offers advanced cosmetic treatments performed by industry experts. Quality, care and trust is what Dr Rizk is renowned for, and this is the main reason why I chose White Hill Medispa for my non-surgical nose procedure.

The procedure

I’m not going to lie – I was terrified in the lead up to my appointment. Not only do I have zero pain tolerance for needles, but I was so afraid I’d walk out with serious bruising or even worse, an OTT botched nose job.

However, as soon as I met Dr Rizk, all my doubts went away. He took a quick look at my side profile and knew exactly what I needed: a slight touch up to the very bridge of my nose and at the very tip.

He then ran through the complete procedure, warned me of any side effects (bruising being the most common), assured me that he would only insert as much filler as I needed (aka nothing over exaggerated), and made sure he answered any other questions I had.

I then had some ‘before’ shots before I made my way to the operating chair.

Dr Rizk applied some numbing cream to the area and less than 10 minutes later I couldn’t even feel my nose.

I sat there with beads of sweat forming on my forehead as I watched Dr Rizk holding a very small syringe. He warned me that there would be a slight pinch before he went in for the first jab – and… I felt nothing.

My nose was injected around five times, but as much as I had convinced myself that I had a rubbish pain threshold, I actually lost count of how many times I was injected because my nose was so numb.

After a few injections, Dr Rizk massaged the filler into my nose and then continued to add a few more.

He then handed me the mirror and OMG, my nose did indeed look very different – in a good way. Dr Rizk explained exactly where and why he injected the filler, and it all made perfect sense – most was injected between my eyes on my nose bridge to create a longer and slimmer effect from the front and side profile, and the tiniest amount was injected at the very point to eliminate some of the roundness and add definition.

I turned to the side to have a look at my side profile and I do have to admit I did a little happy dance in my head because I finally had the nose I had always dreamt of.

The next few days

As per Dr Rizk’s instructions, I drank plenty of water over the first 24 hours and avoided touching the area.

I waited and waited for bruises to appear, and yet I did not experience the slightest bit. This was hands down all thanks to Dr Rizk taking extra care with exactly how he handled the whole procedure.

The results

A week later and all swelling had completely subsided.

I’m definitely not one to take selfies or look at myself in every reflection, but I couldn’t stop doing either because I just couldn’t get over how great my nose looked from my side profile. The results were so dramatic that even my family and a few friends kept on complimenting me on how “perfect” and “cute” my nose looked (mind you, I hadn’t told them I had work done).

I’m over the moon with the results and would 100 per cent get it done again once the hyaluronic acid filler metabolises. Dr Rizk mentioned that if I truly did like the look of my new nose, the smarter and permanent option that would save me money in the long-term would be to get a fat transfer – whereby fat is grafted from your abdomen or thighs and is injected into the desired area of your face in replace of fillers. It sounds extreme, but to be honest, I definitely don’t want to go back to my original nose and would never get a rhinoplasty, so a fat transfer sounds incredibly appealing.

If you’re considering a non-surgical nose job or cosmetic injection of any sort, Dr Rizk is your guy. Quality over quantity is key for any work he does, and my results really do reflect this.

If I, a cosmetic injection newbie/cynic who is also terrified of needles did it – and came out a happier version of myself – then you, my friend, should have no hesitations at all.