‘I fast for around 16 hours a day’

Designer Jasmine Stefanovic shares her go-to beauty and wellness destinations and the diet routine she swears by. 

Since having her first child Harper with husband Karl Stefanovic, co-founder of Mara & Mine Jasmine has put a stronger focus on her health and wellbeing, including a green juice a day to keep the doctor away. “To me, being healthy is beautiful,” Jasmine tells Body+Soul. “Since becoming a mother and still running a business, I’ve found time is not my friend – but I try to do something for myself at least once a week – a massage, reflexology, a facial or a nutritionist appointment. Time management is key!”

Here in an exclusive chat, Jasmine opens her little black book of beauty and wellness hotspots and the diet routine she swears by.

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While I was breastfeeding I ate everything, and I was always hungry!

Now that I’ve stopped feeding, I try to have dinner by 8pm and fast until noon the next day – which means I’m fasting for around 16 hours.

I’ll still have a coffee and green juice in the morning which helps with energy until I ‘break’ the fast.

I also don’t usually drink through the week and try to only drink on the weekend unless there’s a special occasion.



I get a facial once a month at All Saints Clinic. At the moment my favourite is the Laser Genesis.


I go to The Salon by Ash Croker every few months for a colour, wash and blow drys at Salon Mode by Susan Moshi once a week if Harper lets me and Travis Balcke at the Capelli by KLP Salon in Paddington cuts my hair.


I try to get in for a mani pedi once a month at my local salon Manhattan Nails.



I’ve been trying out Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas and the salt room at the Cryospa Clinic in Crows Nest for general wellbeing and fighting inflammation.


For massages and body treatments Jeannie at Venustus is a must.

At home…

I take Mg Optima Relax Magnesium, $50.99 at Medlab in water at night which helps my mind and body relax and generally gives me a much better quality of sleep.

I love adding The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, $45 at Adore Beauty to my water.

I also use a rose quartz Gua Sha on my face for water retention – I found especially after having a baby I had really bad water retention and it does seem to help a lot.

When I travel…

Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Hinterland for a massage and then stay for the healthy lunch which is delicious. I always feel rejuvenated and healthy after visiting.

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