How to recycle beauty products

You can easily drop your used makeup containers at any store with the new BeautyCycle initiative.

Calling all skincare-addicts and makeup-masters, we have some news today that is going to make you want to jump for joy.

All those products you so fastidiously use up can now be easily recycled with little to no effort on your part. How, you ask?

David Jones has started a new beauty initiative called BeautyCycle, working in partnership with recycling business TerraCycle to ensure your beloved product packaging doesn’t end up in landfill.

You can simply drop your products back into store and everything from there happens for you. If you’re wondering what you can bring in and how you can take part, don’t worry. We spoke with Eloise Bishop, Head of Sustainability David Jones to ask all the questions you may have. We’ve also rounded up some of the other great places that you can recycle your lifestyle goods.

Now – time to get recycling.

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Q: What products can be brought back?

A: BeautyCycle provides a recycling solution for most beauty packaging which cannot be recycled via regular kerbside services.

Materials that can be recycled as part of this beauty initiative include soft plastic, rigid plastic and pumps, glass bottles, jars and pots, masks and packaging, along with make-up products including foundation bottles, lipsticks, eyeshadows, compacts, mascaras and more.

Q: Is there anything that’s not included?

A: Items such as aerosol cans, perfume bottles, electrical hair and skincare devices are unable to be recycled by TerraCycle.

Q: Do the products we’re recycling need to be bought at David Jones?

A: Together with TerraCycle we are working to reduce beauty packaging waste, so beauty products bought elsewhere can also be disposed of via the BeautyCycle drop off boxes in David Jones stores.

Q: Do we need to clean them? Even things like a mascara wand?

A: We encourage our customers to use up the beauty product. The packaging should be as clean and empty as possible to ensure the materials can sorted and recycled.

Q: Will all stores participate?

A: BeautyCycle is designed to help all of our customers dispose of used beauty products in a convenient way, and feel assured that they are helping to keep packaging materials from landfill and in circulation, so we are proud to launch this initiative across all David Jones stores in Australia.

Q: Is it on the beauty level?

A: All BeautyCycle drop off boxes will be easily accessible in the David Jones beauty departments for customers to drop off their empty beauty products.

Q: Is this an ongoing initiative?

A: David Jones is committed to reducing our impact on the environment by investing in programs and activities that optimise our use of energy and increase diversion of waste from landfill. BeautyCycle is part of this commitment and will be an ongoing national initiative across our stores.

Q: What happens to the products when they’re recycled?

A: Once the BeautyCycle drop off boxes have been collected by TerraCycle, plastics are sorted, shredded, melted down, and turned into plastic pellets that can substitute virgin plastics to make new items.

So, where else can I go to recycle my items?

The Sheridan Recycling Program

To stop old sheets and towels going to landfill, Sheridan have started a program to collect your old linens and recycle them. Simply drop them into your local store. The products are made into recycled yarn, which can then be used for new products. Since the program’s launch in February 2019 and expansion to Outlet stores in August 2019, they’ve collected over 25,500kg of pre-loved bed linen and towels.


UNIQLO collects its secondhand clothes in store and delivers them to people in need worldwide in the form of emergency clothing aid for refugee camps and disaster areas. Clothing that cannot be reused is recycled as fuel or soundproofing material. Recently, they have also been actively recycling clothes into clothes, starting with their down products.

Nespresso pods

Simply bring your Nespresso pods into Nespresso stores and participating collection points and they will recycle them. Leftover coffee is composted while the pod is turned into aluminium that can be reused for new products.

Coles REDCycle

Through the program, customers can recycle plastic bags and other soft plastic packaging using specially marked bins located at the front of our stores.

Since the program began in 2011, Coles has diverted more than one billion pieces of flexible plastic from landfill across Australia.