How to make like Meghan Markle and use lockdown to seriously grow your hair

The Duchess of Sussex made a virtual appearance showing how long her hair had grown during lockdown. Beauty Editor Kelsey Ferencak shares the products to get royal-worthy strands.

Say hello to your new hair crush Meghan Markle, otherwise known as The Duchess of Sussex. After making a virtual appearance last week at the Girl Up 2020 Leadership Summit, she made headlines for more than just doing good.

No DIY haircuts here, it seems Meghan’s been doing what we’ve all been trying to commit to during lockdown, and that’s leave our strands alone. Aside for the face-framing and collarbone-grazing layers (great for preventing your hair from weighing down and elongating your face), her length is truly impressive.

We’re not the only ones who think so, with Google seeing a 170% increase in searches for ‘how many inches does hair grow in a year?’ and ‘grow hair fast’ knocking up 1.38 billion searches.

But it’s not just her long locks we’re admiring, it’s the health and condition it’s in, too. Her sleek, straight strands show no sign of damage, frizz or dryness.

So, want hair like The Duchess? Aside from reading our guide on everything you need to know to get the hair of your dreams, look no further than these growth-boosting, shine-inducing topical treatments.

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Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Glossing Oil ($31.95, at Oz Hair and Beauty)

Not only does this gel-like oil protect your colour, it also adds a tonne of shine to lacklustre, dull strands. Squirt one to two pumps into palms and smooth through damp hair before combing through.

Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner ($54.99, at Bondi Boost)

A cult favourite for a reason, this shampoo and conditioner does more than just clean your help. The grow-boosting blend of argan, peppermint, castor and rosemary oils, plus horsetail extract work to stimulate and soothe the scalp, while strengthening lengths and ends.

Klorane Quinine Keratin Strengthening Spray ($14.99, at Priceline or $19.95, at Adore Beauty)

A strengthening spray for thinning, limp strands that works by infusing essential nutrients into each hair fibre. Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B8 and plant-based keratin help to promote thickness for long, healthy locks.

Soap & Glory Control Sleek Smoothing Cream ($19, at Mecca)

This smoothing solution blends high-tech heat activation with marula and moringa seed oils to deeply nourish and moisturise unruly, curly or unmanageable strands. Plus it lasts for eight washes so is ideal for hot weather or holidays.

Kooshoo Organic Scrunchies ($27, at Biome)

Prevent breakage and damage by switching to a scrunchie instead of an elastic that can pull and tug on delicate strands causing them to snap.

Iles Formula Hair Turban ($51, at Adore Beauty)

Are you still doing that thing where you rub your hair with a bath towel and twist it up? It’s time to switch to a microfiber towel or turban instead. Rubbing causes friction and breakage but also makes hair frizzy. A microfiber option reduces all of these hair crimes and cuts down drying time.

Virtue Labs The Polish Un-frizz Cream ($56, at Sephora)

Fusing skincare with haircare this revolutionary tube utilises both AHAs and BHAs and a patented keratin technology that works to bind and fill cracks along the hair shaft to smooth flyaways, split ends and frizz.

All products featured in this article are selected by our editors, who don’t play favourites. If you buy something, we may get a cut of the sale.