How supermodel Naomi Campbell gets ‘runway legs’ at 50

While cellulite is perfectly natural and normal, Naomi Campbell has a treatment she swears by to reduce its appearance. 

Admit it, you’re curious to know how supermodel Naomi Campbell looks THAT GOOD at 50. And she’s just spilled on how she does it.

In the latest installment of her YouTube series, Campbell reveals her “secret weapon” to getting runway-ready, and it involves special tools that resemble a common household item; a bumpy rolling pin to lengthen and sculpt her entire body.

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It’s basically an intense form of lymphatic drainage massage, called maderotherapy, which uses textured wooden tools to break down cellulite and smoothen the skin’s appearance.

“It’s not painful, but it’s not soothing… It’s kind of like I’m being made into bread,” she says with a laugh, as her massage therapist rolls over her shins, thighs, and stomach rather aggressively.

“I try to do this as much as I can, actually, because I am 50 years old,” she says.

“Women at my age do have water retention.”

While Campbell insists cellulite is “not cute”, it’s pretty much unavoidable, though techniques like maderotherapy can help reduce the appearance of it.

“Fact: 90 percent of women of all shapes and sizes, and ethnicities have cellulite. It’s not a pathological condition, it’s physiological, which means it’s normal,” doctor and personal trainer Dr Hazel Wallace wrote in a viral Instagram post.

“I understand that for some people it can cause a cosmetic concern but hopefully this post will act as a little reminder that: a) Most of us have it; b) it’s not unhealthy; c) and repeat after me: My fitness is not determined by my appearance.”