How natural beauty expert Belinda Hughes gets ready for her beauty sleep

Natural beauty guru and skin therapist, Belinda Hughes shares her pre-bed rituals with Body+Soul, including her exact night time no-nasty skincare routine.

Hello and welcome to our new editorial series Bedtime Beauty Stories. It’s a space for talented individuals to share how they get ready for slumber, including ways to wind down, nighttime beauty rituals and go-to remedies for falling asleep. We begin with one of Australia’s most in-demand skin experts, Jocelyn Petroni.

In our second edition we chat with natural beauty expert and skin clinic founder, Belinda Hughes. When it comes to organic and natural beauty, Hughes is all over it. From sharing her expert advice on ingredients and formulations, to her handy tips and tricks on product recommendations and skin treatments, she’s in the know. Here, she tells Body+Soul how she gets ready for bed.

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What’s the first thing you do to wind down before bed?

Wash my face before I settle down on the couch in front of the TV.

And the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

Drink a glass of water and leave a full glass of water by the bed.

Talk us through your nighttime beauty routine…

I double cleanse my skin with Roccoco Soothing Cleansing Oil ($70, at Belinda Hughes), then I apply Osmosis Skincare Correct Preventative Retinal Serum ($160, at Adore Beauty), Eminence Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream ($142, at Eminence Organics) around my eyes and a heavy moisturiser like Eminence Firm Skin Moisturiser ($100, at Catch) or Osmosis Skincare Quench Nourishing Moisturizer ($132, at Adore Beauty), sometimes with a few drops of oil added. I like Simple as That Protective Face Oil ($29.95, at Simple as That).

If I’ve been stressed, I rub The Base Collective Magnesium Spray ($17, at Priceline) into my belly. I let my hair down if it’s been up and leave it loose. If it’s dry I’ll run a hydrating mask through the ends, like Natulique Intensive Hair Mask ($45.95, at Belinda Hughes).

Do you take any supplements or sleep-aids?

I actually sleep really well normally. I do like to have a Nerada Organics Peppermint Tea ($5, at Coles) after dinner. Occasionally I’ll play nature sounds quietly.

What do you sleep on?

I sleep on a silk pillowcase. More to prevent wrinkles in my skin than to help my hair.

What’s your stance on technology before bed?

I’m terrible, I will check my phone as I plug it in next to my bed, right before I go to sleep.

What time do you usually hop into bed?

Usually around 9.30pm, but if I’ve been having trouble sleeping I’ll stay up until 11pm.

What do you do if you can’t drift off or have trouble sleeping – do you have a go-to fix?

On the rare occasion I can’t get to sleep, it usually means I haven’t worn myself out enough, so I’ll just stay up later. Then play those soft nature sounds.

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