How Domenica Rodely (nee Calarco) prepped for her wedding

Wedding season is fast approaching and it’s safe to say planning your big day brings with it new levels of stress and an endless list of to-dos. So we’re bringing you a bridal beauty breakdown to get you prepped and ready. From on-the-day tricks, to treatments and expert advice we’ve got you covered.

If you’re newly engaged or about to walk down the aisle you’ll know all too well that the bridal beauty countdown clock can be an expensive, hard to navigate and confusing experience. But that’s why we’re bringing you this series of real life brides who are sharing their exact beauty and wellness routines – from their at-home skincare go-tos, to their doable diet and exercise regimes.

Domenica Rodely (nee Calarco) is no stranger to a hardcore beauty routine. The presenter and digital content producer married her partner in December of 2019, swearing by reformer pilates and skin peels.

Diet and Exercise

“I’m a vegetarian so live on green veggies, fruit and pasta,” says Domenica. “I’m Italian and carbs are my life, I try and keep my diet as varied as possible but I love fruit and have a weakness for cheese. I only have one coffee a day; if that. I do eat dairy as I don’t find that it affects my skin at all.”

Domenica swears by reformer pilates and one month out from her wedding she ramped up her sessions. “I swear by KX Pilates, going for walks and generally eating healthier; not cutting out my daily dose of dark chocolate though,” she says. “I’m also eating a punnet of blueberries everyday for antioxidants and vitamin C, which I feel has been doing wonders for my skin!”


12 months out

“I’ve been getting regular Omnilux (red light collagen stimulating therapy) and HydroPeptide peels for the last couple of years as well as a strict at home routine consisting of HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish & Plump Peel 2 Step System ($125, at Adore Beauty) that I do once every 10 days.”

Six months out

“Once I had a date set for the wedding everything I did skin-wise was to reduce hormonal acne and scarring, as well as keeping my skin as radiant and healthy as possible,” she says.

Domenica says she kept up routine facials every six weeks including Omnilux and peels. “Taking care of my skin at home is very important and I always double cleanse and stick to a strict masking routine where every second night I work on specific areas and skin concerns. My main skin goal was to have my complexion looking as hydrated, plump and glowing as possible.

Being extra cautious to not touch my face or pop pimples really made a huge difference to my overall skin health, too. I also didn’t change my regular products as I didn’t want my skin to freak out and I still used a retinol at least once a week and sunscreen religiously.” Priori LCA fx110 Gentle Cleanser ($55, at Adore Beauty) and HydroPeptide Solar Defense Tinted Face Guard ($79, at HydroPeptide) were part of her daily routine.

Hair and Body

When it came to her hair, she focused on at treatments and trims. “I started using Bondi Boost religiously and saw about three inches of growth!” she says. “Richic at Sydney-based Academie Salon looks after my hair and with regular trims and treatments my hair looked the best it ever had.”

“Body exfoliation is another thing I really stepped up in the lead up, and keeping my skin ultra-hydrated using jojoba oil to lock in moisture and give my skin an all over glow. I planned a spray tan for the big day, and booked myself in for a full body exfoliation post-waxing to really prep my skin beforehand.”

One week out

“I’m getting married on a Sunday, so the week before will be solely dedicated to all my beauty bits,” says Domenica. “Monday I’ll be getting my brows laminated, Tuesday is a hair touch up, Wednesday a facial, Thursday a wax, body exfoliation and pedicure and Friday is a Shellac manicure and spray tan. Saturday will be a rest day getting everything prepared; I’ve saved some boujee La Mer face masks to do the night before with my bestie while we are watching scary movies!”