How a wedding makeup artist prepped for her own wedding

Wedding season is fast approaching and it’s safe to say planning your big day brings with it new levels of stress and an endless list of to-dos. So we’re bringing you a bridal beauty breakdown to get you prepped and ready. From on-the-day tricks, to treatments and expert advice we’ve got you covered.

From a serious skincare routine to hard-core hair treatments, the bridal countdown clock is real – and sometimes complicated and confusing, so we’re bringing you a series of real life brides sharing their exact beauty routines in the lead up to their big days. To kick it off we have wedding makeup artist Samantha Lee.

Working with brides almost every weekend means she knows all too well the importance of pre-wedding day prep. Just like Steph Claire Smith, Samantha made skincare her main focus and kept the rest of her beauty and wellness routine relaxed.

Diet and Exercise

Instead of the old ‘wed shed’ mentality Samantha focused on well-balanced diet and exercise routine that she amped up with six months to go. “Six months out from the wedding I started going to the gym twice a day, doing cardio in the morning and weights at night,” she says. “When it came to my diet, I just kept it clean and made sure my plate was a colourful as possible. With about a month to go I was really strict, but I was more focused on fuelling myself because I was training a lot and I wanted my skin to look glowing and nourished from the inside.”


“My skin was my number one priority as I really wanted it to be glowy and smooth. If my skin was in good shape then I could focus less on my makeup. I went to The Clinic in Bondi Junction off the back of a friend’s recommendation and they worked out a skin plan for me to follow from about six months out. I kept it simple and didn’t buy a million different products, instead focusing on a good quality cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen and peptide mask. The rest was all in treatments.”

“I did a Blueberry Antioxidant Peel ($150, at The Clinic) which I’d recommend for any unorganised brides. It’s an exfoliating peel that gives you an instant glow. I had one every 4-6 weeks. Then, I’d alternate this peel with the Timeless Retinol Peel ($250, at The Clinic) which works more deeply for clear, bright skin.

One month before the wedding I had an IPL Rejuvenation Treatment ($450, at The Clinic) to help break down pigmentation and treat breakouts and inflammation. It was great for evening out my skin tone.

One week before the wedding I had Dermablading ($220, at The Clinic). It’s a manual form of exfoliation where they use a small blade to scrape away dead skin cells, to reveal the fresh, brighter skin beneath. It’s also great for removing fluffy hairs so creates a super smooth base for makeup.”

Hair and Body

When it came to Samantha’s strands she focused on keeping her blonde bright and her locks in good nick. “I’m blonde so made sure to stay on top of my colour by getting it done every six weeks and then I had a full head of foils the week before to add some vibrancy,” she says. “I always use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner so it stays healthy and hydrated. On the morning of wedding I popped a toner in to kill any brassiness and keep it bright.”

Her body routine was relaxed and just involved trialling a spray tan. “I had a trial run for my hens which was the month before at The Spraytan Society and used Bondi Sands in light/medium with two coats.”