Hilarious memes to prove that at-home bangs during coronavirus are always a bad idea

Cutting your own fringe is one thing, but doing it out of boredom or when isolating is another. This round up of real-life TikToks and Tweets are all you need to stop the idea of jumping on the ‘Pandemic Bangs’ bandwagon.

If you feel like cabin fever is starting to set in, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean taking to the scissors is a good idea, especially if you’re feeling creative and looking for a new cut. ‘Pandemic Bangs’ are trending on social media as boredom and salon closures start to take their full effect, particularly in the US.

The good news for Aussies is that we can have a giggle knowing that cutting your own hair is pretty much never a good idea, but also that hairstylists are still open for business , so if you are desperate for a cut go and see the professionals. “The truth is, unless you are a professional hairdresser you run the risk of cutting an uneven fringe (no one wants that) or cutting it too short (also a disaster),” says creative director and founder of Valonz, Renya Xydis.

“If you are desperate for a fringe, I suggest visiting your hairdresser. They will be able to guide you in the right direction of what will look best for your face shape, and of course, they will ensure that it is even and nicely cut. Which, let’s be honest, you might not be able to do from your bathroom. Most hair salons are still open and operating, and abiding by social distancing rules and to ensure their sanitary measures are keeping their staff and client safe and healthy.”

“A lot is involved when first styling your fringe it isn’t a quick chop and away you go, that’s why it’s best to visit your hairdresser so they can show you the best ways to style your hair and make sure you are giving your fringe the love it needs.”

OK, if you really need to trim your fringe at-home…

“Make sure you do not put any tension on the hair using your fingers, a comb or twisting the hair around – because once you cut the hair, it will bounce back up far more than you imagined it would,” says Stylist and Creative Director, Barney Martin.

As you’ll see in these hilarious real-life accidents below. “This is such a common mistake. Also, make sure your hair is dry and brushed through and just take a fraction off, less really is more. To make sure the line of the fringe isn’t too bulky, point your scissors skywards and cut into the hair not just straight along like the classic hair bowl cut that parents used to give their children! If you are not isolating alone, I would strongly recommend that you get your partner or housemate to help,” he says.

Bad bangs can happen to anyone

Even Beauty Bloggers

You’ll have to seek help

And are likely to take off more than you should

Like way more…

Don’t succumb to peer pressure

It’s NEVER a good idea

Don’t cut anyone else’s either

Even Miley Cyrus agrees

RIP Zoom meetings

And when this is all over…