Hair steaming is the DIY trick you didn’t know you needed

Get through summer with this step-by-step guide to getting the softest, shiniest hair ever. 

When it comes to summer we’re all aware of the side effects: dry, dehydrated, lacklustre strands that have been torched from heatwaves, hot tools and swimming. Blondes go brassy, brunettes face extra heat, no one is safe. But instead of spending endless amounts of cash on expensive salon treatments or filling your shower with tubs and tubes of fresh new product promising to revive your stressed-out tresses to their former summer glory, we’re bringing your attention back to a tried and tested technique that’s proven to work, is pretty much free and super easy to follow.

Introducing hair steaming, like a facial for your hair. Mainly used by hairdressers in salon, the trick is used for softening, relaxing and nourishing dry, thirsty and unruly hair types.

How does it work?

Much like using steam to open the pores up on your face, using moist air works the same way, opening up the hair follicle by lifting the cuticle and allowing product to better penetrate and absorb into to the hair shaft. Not only does the moisture from the air work to trap hydration into hair, but the steaming process itself can help boost softness and shine along with supercharging the results you’d get from the topical product applied.

What are the benefits?

Hydrated hair is healthy hair. Expect high shine, less breakage and soft-to-the-touch strands. But the best part is the scalp benefits. Just like facial steaming, the skin on your scalp will be purified and free from product build-up and dryness. Which means better hair growth and no more itchy bits.

How to do it at home:

Step 1: After shampooing your hair apply a moisturising mask or hair oil from the roots to the ends. Section hair and comb through especially if your locks are curly or thick before securing into a bun.

Step 2: Using a plastic hair cap or cling wrap cover hair. Then cover with a hot towel. For quick results, do the same process before jumping in the shower (ideal for steam) without the towel, while shaving your legs.

Step 3: Depending on your hair type you can leave it on anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes before washing out as normal. Be sure to give your scalp a good massage during rinsing, too. Add this to your monthly repertoire to keep your hair in tip-top condition.

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