Goldwell Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Service: Essential summer wedding treatment

We tried the smooth operator treatment that will have you swishing your way from the hens to the honeymoon – and it doesn’t cost a bomb.

Wedding season is fast approaching and it’s safe to say planning your big day brings with it new levels of stress and an endless list of to-dos. So we’re bringing you a bridal beauty breakdown to get you prepped and ready. From on-the-day tricks, to treatments and expert advice we’ve got you covered.

Summer weddings are glorious – the sunshine, the smell of jasmine in the air and those balmy nights spent dancing with no sleeves on! But when it comes to our hair, summer can be enemy number one. Humidity leaves us with untameable frizzy strands and heat can lead to dehydration so our locks are left parched, dull and as crispy as a rotating appetiser during the reception. Which means it’s in no shape to be moulded into a bouncy blow dry or a romantic chignon. And it’s not just big day bridal hair that frizzled strands affect. It plays a huge roll in how your hair looks and feels well beyond the ceremony.

But thankfully we’ve found the perfect solution. Say hello to the Goldwell Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Service (from $250, at Goldwell). Think of it as the modern version of a Brazilian blowout. But without the whole dousing your hair in random chemicals part. This good-for-your strands salon service works to tame frizz and can even help relax unmanageable kinks and curls.

How does it work?

Unlike chemical straightening and relaxant treatments of the past, the technology focuses on re-shaping the hair’s structure using keratin bonds (similar to the protein that makes up your hair) that evenly smooth the hairs surface for a silky finish without taking away any bounce. My hair is thick, but has never been super frizzy, so I wanted to try this treatment to see if it could take a little bit of the bulk out from the ends of my hair, as well as a bit of the fluffiness.

When it comes to the treatment itself, prepare to spend around three hours in the salon chair (depending on the length and thickness of your hair). After washing your locks with a clarifying shampoo, the smoothing solution is applied to small sections of hair all-over. Then hair is dried and straightened until every strand from root to tip is smooth.

Just when you think you’re ready to rock and roll, you’re summoned to the basin again. All of the hairstylist’s hard work is washed out and then blow dried smooth – again.

How long does it last?

Long enough to take you through your whole bridal event schedule, from the hens to the honeymoon. There’s also another solid pro: it doesn’t last forever. Some straightening and smoothing services change the hair structure for good, so you either have to continue getting treatments or live with multiple hair textures until it grows out – which can be pretty serious if you have curly hair. In this case, you’re looking at around three to five months.

Plus, that old thing of not being able to wash your hair for weeks to make sure the treatment had enough time to ‘settle’ is no longer. You can wash your hair whenever you want – but should always use the recommended keratin-infused shampoo and conditioner, it’s not detrimental but will obviously make the treatment last longer. As will limiting the amount of times you get your hair wet.

When should you get it done?

Depending on your wedding run-down the ideal timing would be around one-month out. Not only will it make your wedding day blowout last longer and maintain its shape with no fuzz, it also cuts your daily routine in half. It’s the ideal wash-and-go service, drying smooth and silky but not flat. I also found my hair felt much softer and more nourished, without evening using moisturising masks or oils. Plus, if your honeymoon is within a few weeks of your wedding, or even a couple of months it means you don’t need to worry about dragging along a curling wand, dryer or tongs!