face shaving will get you the baby-soft skin of your dreams’

Meet the handy ‘shaving’ tool that removes unwanted facial fuzz and dead skin in a flash. Here’s a guide to dermaplaning safely – no shaving cream needed!

It’s no secret that the closure of beauty salons across the country (thankfully, they’re back in business) has made us all super savvy when it comes to DIY beauty solutions. We went from relying on a tonne of beauty experts (we still do), to kind of becoming our own brow artists, facialists and even skincare formulators.

Another part of our routines we’ve become particularly interested in recently, is at-home hair removal. Whether it’s finding the ideal at-home laser device or giving yourself a haircut, we’re keen to remove unwanted hair at any cost.

Enter: dermaplaning. The next phase of your hair removal journey. Also known as dermablading – or face shaving. It went from a clinic-only treatment to your new secret weapon for baby-soft, smooth and supple skin.

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How does face shaving, or dermaplaning, work?

Usually done in a clinic or even dermatologists office, it involves using a very fine, sterile surgical blade or scalpel to essentially ‘shave’ the tiny, fuzzy hairs (known as vellus hair) from all over your face – they mainly sit on the cheeks beside the ears, along the top lip and even across the forehead.

But it’s no longer just an in-office treatment, there’s handy tools on the market for you to DIY at home, too. Although these blades aren’t as fine or sharp as their professional counterparts, they still do the trick.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is equally known for its exfoliating benefits. Think of it like a manual exfoliation, where it gently scrapes dead skin cells and fine facial hair from the skin, revealing a much smoother, brighter and polished complexion.

By removing the vellus hair, your skincare is able to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, too. While make-up sits effortlessly on top, instead of being trapped in the hairs and looking muddy or uneven.

Results are dependent on your hair growth cycle, but usually last around six weeks. But the beauty of doing it at home means you can do it as often or as little as you like.

Will my hair grow back darker and thicker?

No. The old wives’ tale that once you shave, the hair grows back darker and thicker can be forgotten in this instance. The specialised single blade technique promises no change to your hair growth.

The treatment is all about the 45-degree angle of the blade, because moving it down and along the side of the hair – never against it – ensures you get as close to the skin as possible without cutting it, and guarantees the hair doesn’t grow back blunt, which can make it feel and look coarse.

But, dermaplaning is not for all skin types

Dermaplaning isn’t suitable for anyone with inflamed skin or acne as it can cause irritation and nicks to the skin. However, it’s ideal for those with hormone related hair changes or peach fuzz facial hair that’s not dark enough to laser. But it’s not just about the hair. If your complexion looks dull or you have a big event coming up, it can make skin glow in a way that make-up can’t do alone.

How do I dermaplane at home?

Start by making sure your skin and tool are both super clean and dry. Then, hold your skin taught with one hand, and with the other gently scrape the blade in short, downward strokes, stopping to remove any hair or build up from your skin and blade as you go.

Begin with your cheeks and jawline, then repeat gently around your lips, chin and forehead. Make sure to avoid the eye area. Finish by cleaning your tool with antibacterial and gently cleaning your skin, before applying hydrating serum or cream.

Dermaplaning tools to try:

Revlon Face Defuzzer 2 Pack ($9.95, at Priceline)
Made from Japanese stainless steel and a micro-mesh protected edge to ensure no cuts or scrapes.

MCo Beauty Super Smooth Facial & Brow Razor ($10, at MCo Beauty)
The handy curved and adjustable handle make this easy to use on hard to reach angles and areas.