Eyebrow lamination will thicken up your barely-there, thin brows

It’s the affordable, semi-permanent option for the low maintenance, natural-looking brows you didn’t know you needed.

As far as beauty treatments go, there’s not much we won’t do – especially if they’ll save us time and money in the long run. From the manicure that will change your life, to the radio frequency machine that tightens skin and the facial that leaves you covered in your own blood we’ve tried everything – and like I said, there’s not much we won’t do.

So when a new eyebrow treatment that promised thick, fluffy, feathery arches and little-to-no attention post-session popped up in my inbox I was intrigued. In the past we’ve looked to microblading or tattooing to fake a fuller set, but 2020 has us trying out a less-permanent, more affordable approach.

Enter: lamination. Originating in Russia before spreading all over Europe and the US, it’s now hit our shores. Not to be confused with the plastic you cover school books with, this treatment is just like keratin hair straightening but for your brows and gives the illusion of major hair growth al a Emilia Clarke.

How does brow lamination work?

Ideal for taming wiry, unruly hairs, patchy brows or hair that grows in different directions, or for those who want to cut their makeup routine in half. The technique works by applying a keratin solution (the same protein-rich ingredient that makes up your hair, skin and nails) to brows hair by hair to soften each strand before they’re brushed up and outwards into a shape that matches your natural arch. A setting solution follows to restructure the hair and moulds them into place before the finishing touches of tint are added. All up the appointment takes about an hour.

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The treatment mimics the effect of brow gel, smoothing and adding high-shine and gives a similar finish to microblading without the pain factor, permanency and price tag. The only upkeep is having to brush them every morning and to keep them dry for 24 hours post-treatment.

Prices range from $100-150 and results last between six and eight weeks, proving they’re the ultimate lazy-girl, low maintenance option.