Ever consider using your workout timer app to hack your skincare routine?

Skincare can be complicated, we get it. May we suggest you use an interval timer fitness app on your phone to keep track of your morning and evening skincare routines? You’ll never miss a step again. 

Taking the time to do your regular skincare routine, let alone one that’s more than three steps, can be a bit of a chore. It can also be confusing.

‘How long do I need to let this soak in for?’ ‘What goes first, oil or serum?’ ‘Does it really matter?’ are all questions I ask myself regularly.

Whether it’s ensuring you’re applying each step in the correct layering order, or waiting long enough (but not too long) for each essence, serum, elixir and oil to properly sink into skin is hard enough, ensuring your morning and evening skincare routines go to plan can be a challenge. Throw sleeping through your alarm, trying to catch up on emails and a toddler bashing on the bathroom door into the mix and you may find your whole regime gets out of whack and becomes hard to stick to.

So when we saw this genius trick we had to share it.


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Thanks to a member from the Australian Facebook group You Beauty, a hangout and discussion spot for skincare addicts and beauty novices, we discovered a handy trick for sticking to your skincare routine, and nailing the wait time between products.

The member shares that after being confused by all her steps in her morning and evening routines and getting distracted and impatient by having to wait she decided to use a fitness interval timer app on her phone. Instead of timing her workouts, she uses it to time the steps of both her routines and to help her track where she was up to while multitasking. GENIUS!

The app she recommends is the Interval Timer (free on the App Store) but any training timer will work, as long as it allows you to set up as many ‘skincare steps’ as you need and the length of time for each. Use the workout time for applying and the rest time for waiting, or vice versa depending on your routine and products.

Wait, how long do I wait?

There’s no clear answer. Some experts believe you don’t have to wait at all, while others recommend up to two minutes. If you’re unsure, time how long each step takes to fully absorb into skin and use that as your guide. For most skincare steps one minute is enough time, but check the directions of your product to be sure.

As a general rule, lightweight and water-based products tend to absorb into skin faster than heavy, rich lotions – which is a way to order of your skincare steps, too.