Essential oils guide: Top picks for anxiety, sleep, cramps

They’ve taken social media by storm, and more and more studies are beginning to reveal new uses for your fave essential oils. Here are some to have in your drawer for a quick fix …

For anxiety: Lemon

Best pick: Arbonne Rescue & Renew Pure Essential Oil Lemon ($35,

Why: Feeling overwhelmed? Breathe in some lemon. The citrusy scent is thought to have an anxietrelieving effect once inhaled and may also boost your mood.

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For sleep: Orange

Best pick: Natio Focus On Sleep Pure Essential Oil Blend ($29.95,

Why: Orange has been shown to improve sleep quality and calm a restless mind. For maximum relaxation, look for blends that also contain lavender.

For cramps: Lemongrass

Best pick: Raww Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil ($16.99,

Why: Studies show this oil is a champ at reducing inflammation and relieving muscle aches, joint pain and stiffness.

For focus: Rosemary

Best pick: In Essence Focus & Memory Pure Essential Oil Blend ($34.95,

Why: The oil from this Mediterranean herb may improve your brain function, memory and concentration.