Elle Ferguson has the solution to nailing the perfect fake tan at home

Sydney-based tanning guru and founder of self-tanning brand Elle Effect, Elle Ferguson dishes on the tricks she uses to fake a faux glow.

From streaky legs to patchy knees and elbows, faking it can be risky business, but not nearly as risky as frying in the sun (you know the drill and if you don’t, here’s some sunscreen suggestions you’ll actually want to wear).

Elle Ferguson, is the founder of sunless-tanning range Elle Effect and has quite literally perfected faking the perfect sunkissed glow, so who better to steal secrets from?

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She tells Body+Soul, “It’s all about the gloves. You need a good base for a flawless tan and I never miss prepping my skin in the shower with an exfoliating glove. It removes dead cells and buffs the skin fresh. Then blend with a [mitt], focusing on your ankles, wrists and neck. You shouldn’t see where the tan starts and finishes.”


It might sound like a no-brainer, but how often have you skipped the prep part only to regret it later? Or rushed your tan and crossed your fingers? Just spending an extra few minutes pre-and post-tan can make all the difference.